St James Court Hotel

So we land in beautiful London… Dear London, I missed you so much!!

We then make our way to our hotel, the beautiful St James Court Hotel. The hotel has a charm about it… plush luxurious interiors, an understated facade, a tranquil courtyard, beautiful rooms and despite its closeness to London’s tourist attractions it is hidden to provide a level of discretion and peace, which is priceless.

The girl who handles our check in is lovely and super friendly, her name is Aleesa (I hope I spelled that correctly). We chat about my travels… I tell her she has to visit Australia… she notes its on her “to do list”. She also tells me she is from Sicily and recommends I pay it a visit …. I think I will add that to my travel list too.

The staff are super friendly, I get a slightly later check out (which I really needed), and they have such patience in my use of the business centre (I needed to attend to some urgent commercial matters) – this hotel knows service!

The Lobby and Hotel Bar

Seriously how amazing is the hotel lobby… I could actually just stay in the lobby! Just hand me the keys to the liquor cabinet and I will be just set 🙂

IMG_20140805_072821 IMG_20140805_072827 IMG_20140805_072842 IMG_20140805_221736_hdr

The Room

The room is spacious, beautiful and has this (like the rest of the hotel) an understated elegant charm to it.



The Ensuite

The ensuite is spacious with a huge bath and shower and quality marble bench.

IMG_20140804_200300 IMG_20140804_200335 IMG_20140804_200342


The courtyard is elegant as ever as the warm summer of Europe welcomes you in. The perfect place for a gathering with friends. It such a lovely hotel.


The perfect place to see out the final days of my holiday!

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