The View I head out to lunch and today its one with a lovely view. Catalina in Rose Bay is an amazing venue. The venue is perched next to Rose Bay wharf with breathtaking views across the harbour. I opt for a seat outside and it is…

Catalina (Rose Bay)


I have been doing my blog for a few years now and I have shared a fair bit of my travel and dining experiences over that time. I thought it would be great at this point to take stock and ask you (the awesome people who read…

Life of a Travel Czar – Your Feedback


I took a trip to Queenstown recently and you would have seen a few posts on the topic (Hotel, The Bunker Restaurant and the Flight to Queenstown). I was going through my snaps I did take some pictures from around the place of the beautiful…


Snapseed (15)

The Boat I am off to a dinner at Quay hosted by one of our advisers. As is the protocol on major corporate transactions, our advisers host a dinner to celebrate the closing of the transaction. They are always fun events. We first set off…

Quay Restaurant



IMG_0745 (1)

Lunch In life there is nothing more certain to put one at ease than a leisurely long lunch. Today the location of said lunch is at Café Sydney, a lovely restaurant overlooking Circular Quay. Unfortunately, the weather lacks the same enthusiasm of the diners and as…

Café Sydney



Oxtail consume with the oxtail wrapped in cabbage

There are moments in life where something ends and leaves an almost indescribable void in your life. Soon all that is left is just the memories and the Saturday mornings staring at your breakfast reliving the moments in your imagination while the waitress at your…

Four Seasons of Memories




The Bar So I am back at my favourite restaurant / bar in Queenstown, The Bunker. I always make it a point of dining here when I am in Queenstown. The restaurant is focused on sourcing fresh and wonderful New Zealand produce along with simple culinary application to…

The Bunker (Queenstown)




The Hotel So I land in Queenstown (and you check out my review of the flight into Queenstown, which was such an amazing experience, here). I work my way through the chill of the Queenstown air to my hotel. It is such a beautiful hotel reminiscent…

Hotel St Moritz (Queenstown)




Air New Zealand Lounge Breakfast So I have landed in Auckland and stop by the lounge for that morning coffee. There’s a pretty cool set-up where you just key in your order into a device and a skilled barista will handle your order. I then…

The flight to Queenstown




The Lounge I arrive at the lounge on one of Sydney’s rainiest days. Its pouring with rain and I battle my through the terminal to get to one of my favourite airline lounges in the world. I settle into a lovely table by the side…

Qantas First Class Lounge (Sydney) – Winter Menu


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