Cavo Tagoo is a lovely hotel in Imergovgli which has stunning views over the Caldera and a lovely infinity pool. The hotel also has a world-class gourmet restaurant, OVAC, which is beside the pool and offers spectacular views with fine cuisine to match. The staff…

OVAC Restaurant (Santorini)


So the journey continues for me and I leave ole London town and head to the beautiful island of Santorini. I am staying at the Azzurro Suites in Fira which is the capital of Santorini and where most of the locals hang. The hotel is…

Azzurro Suites (Santorini)




As most of you know I just love Claridges Bar – it’s my favourite bar in the world. I am severely jetlagged in London and actually contemplate giving Claridges Bar a miss on this visit… but I just couldn’t – it wouldn’t be London without…

Claridges Bar (2016)


So I have made my way from Paris to London and have a couple of days in ole’ London town before jetting off to Santorini. I stop by a Mayfair institution, Hakkasan, for a leisurely lunch. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Friday afternoon.…

Hakkasan (Mayfair)


So I am escorted from the Al Safwa First Class Lounge (you can check out my brief video tour of the lounge here) by my host to the boarding area and pretty soon I am on board for the flight from Doha to Paris. The…

Qatar Airways First Class (Doha to Paris)




I am off on a round the world flight, across primarily Europe and United States. I will be heading to Paris, London, Barcelona, Santorini, New York and Los Angeles for a whirlwind trip. The first leg of the journey has me flying on the new…

Qatar Airways First Class (Sydney to Doha)




So its my birthday and I am in Perth for a lovely dinner with my parents at Rockpool Bar & Grill to celebrate the occasion. The dining room is dimly light and the we take our seats with anticipation for the night ahead. We start with…

Rockpool Bar & Grill (Perth)


Sydney to Perth The Lounge I am off to Perth for my birthday and I head out of the office and perch myself on a chair in the Qantas Lounge next to the window with a glass of Shiraz with a view of the tarmac.…

Qantas Business Class (Sydney / Perth – Return)


The View I head out to lunch and today its one with a lovely view. Catalina in Rose Bay is an amazing venue. The venue is perched next to Rose Bay wharf with breathtaking views across the harbour. I opt for a seat outside and it is…

Catalina (Rose Bay)