Brugge (Canals, Chocolate and People Watching)

We take a break from our hotel in Amsterdam to roam the beautiful streets of Brugge. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world…. it is known as the Venice of the North.

Here is a little memoir….


There are these beautiful markets where friendly locals sell their wares and food stalls help the shoppers find some nourishment…



City Centre (Market and City Squares)

The most beautiful part of Brugge (other than the Canals) would have to be the city centre, which has two main squares (Market and City). There are beautiful alfresco dining spots, plenty of foot traffic, beautiful horse-drawn carriages and a charm which is just simply indescribable.

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We find a lovely place on the main centre, get ourselves a glass of wine and people watch tourists and beautiful people making their way across the gorgeous stony streets of this ancient city.


And of course it would not be a Travel Czar post unless there was a picture of some lovely cuisine (do not roll your eyes at me 🙂 )… here are some garlic prawns.



The Streets

Then we take a wonder down the beautiful streets of this ancient city


We try to fit in with the locals…Belgium Waffles anyone?


Then there is Pierre Marcolini! The best chocolate in the world. I just have to go in and check it out…. I browse the shop with “kid in a candy store” attitude, before settling on a lovely box of the prized chocolate.


This is how they look, there a selection of lovely thin gels, caramel and other flavours contained in the chocolate shell. The rich velvety cocoa kick from the chocolate coating is the star of the experience.




The canals are amazing! In fact they have an understated charm, unlike Venice or Amsterdam… its such a beautiful place. So serene, so quiet and just beautiful. I shall say no more and let the pictures tell the story.

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