Ristorante La Sponda

La Sponda is located within the luxury hotel Le Sirenuse in Positano. The restaurant has an indoor area with beautiful vines growing around columns and bright green tiling. The outdoor terrace is perfect for lunch with its beautiful green tablecloths and elegant table settings overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the Positano coast and the beach below.

I have been here before in 2017, but it’s lovely to take Alex along for lunch to show the venue. We arrive on a beautiful summery day; the sea breeze is a lovely tonic to the strength of the sun’s rays. The sun colours the water with a resplendent glow worthy of this beautiful town, as we found ourselves a beautiful table on the edge of the terrace for a leisurely late lunch.

We start with a raw seafood platter, and some spritzes to kick-off proceedings.

We opt for a bottle of the light beautiful of Castel Juval from Alto Adige which the tone for the afternoon; light and smooth on the palate.

Our choice is the spaghetti all’aragosta; a medley of the beautiful natural flavours of the lobster, the salinity and the al dente spaghetti. For all the grandeur of the dish it is an article of simplicity, much like the town below us. The crowds continue to gather on the beach, the sun’s searing heat remains constant, and boats clutter the little beach – it’s a signature dish.

We finish with a light traditional almond cake for dessert.

This spot is definitely a must visit when in Positano. The restaurant has amazing views, authentic food, great service and the perfect pace for a leisurely late lunch before exploring the town.

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