Maestro’s Terrace (Positano)

Maestro is a restaurant at Villa TreVille, a luxury hotel in Positano. Maestro’s is situated on a vine-covered open terrace with unreal panoramic views of the sea and of Positano. For all its allure and glamour, the restaurant is all about simplicity, fresh vegetables grown in its gardens with local produce. Lunch is a rather light affair with simple and casual dishes for one to let the afternoon drift by.

What is particularly special about this restaurant is that it offers views of Positano town as the hotel is not situated in the town centre unlike other flagship hotels and restaurants in Positano.

Here is the view from the restaurant which says it all:

The View


Freshly baked bread, grissini and olive oil are brought out to the start the afternoon.

An amuse bouche of tomato, herb and cheese is provided complimentary. The tomato is picked fresh from the garden and a divine taste of heaven.


For the entree, I choose the tuna tartare with hazelnuts and a hazelnut cream.

Alex chooses the raw tasting platter, scampi, prawns, sashimi and the tuna tartare.

I have to say, she made an excellent choice on the tasting plate. The tuna tartare is amazing; however, you do get that with the tasting plate plus some of the freshest seafood we’ve had on the trip. In her kindness she lets me have a taste of some of the dishes!

As we enjoy our entrees, we have an idyllic gaze over the sea and the town of Positano.

Main Course

I opt for the Veal Milanese with Potatoes

It’s a beautiful dish with the crisp crumbed coating melding with the juicy succulent veal and the potatoes really hit the spot.

Alex opts for the lighter ravioli with a light tomato sauce.

She loves the choice of wine, a beautiful full bodied Italian varietal selection from the region. The wine list is quite extensive and if you’re not across all your local wines, the staff are excellent at making a selection and they do offer tastings to you can settle on your favourite drop.

The views are breathtaking!


This is a pretty amazing restaurant and definitely worth the visit. I’d recommend, booking in advance, doing lunch (not dinner) and securing a spot on the edge of the terrace. It’s the best way to lunch in Positano with a view of the town.

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