Hotel Onda Verde (Praiano)

The Hotel

The quiet fishing village of Praiano, halfway between Positano and Amalfi, has a beautiful charm and local authenticity which is difficult to find along the Amalfi Coast. Praiano has stunning views across the Bay of Positano to the island of Capri, is best positioned for magical sunsets, has wonderful beaches and little coves and caves for swimming and kayaking. 

We are staying at the stunning Hotel Onda Verde on the cliffs of Praiano. I have stayed here before, but this time we have a different room and hotel has changed a bit since my last stay.

Here are some of the amazing views from the hotel’s communal areas. The photo below is right next to reception.

There are beautiful sunbeds and open terraces throughout the communal areas and a bar near the pool for you to find a lovely spot with a view and enjoy a cocktail (or two).

The hotel is directly above the beach and built into the cliff face and you can hop into the sea directly below the hotel.

Next to the hotel is also the beach with plenty of sunbeds, cafes and bars. Most of the major boat tours to Capri and the rest of the Amalfi Coast depart from here making it the ideal spot to stay.

The Room

The room is decorated with beautiful Provencal style wooden furniture and doors and beautiful gold and blue colour palettes on the curtains and bedding. The tiles have a beautiful floral pattern design. It is a mix of countryside with a touch of the sea.

The highlight of the room is the beautiful terrace overlooking the sea.

The sunsets from the balcony are spectacular!

But the balcony of our room is defined by its simplicity. When we discussed what the most memorable moment of our trip was, it was one of the simplest moments. It was a night where we had nothing booked and decided to wander down to the beach and pick-up a takeaway pizza.

Our choice was a beautiful Margarita pizza with san marzano pomodoro, bocconcini from Campania, and fresh garden basil. We found a beautiful bottle of local wine and sat on our terrace and watched the sunset. For in life’s simplest moments perfection is found.

We spend most nights on the terrace sipping a local wine and enjoying the sunset.

The Breakfast

What makes this hotel special is the breakfast. There are the usual selection American breakfast essentials such as bacon and eggs, but I do challenge you to sample the light Mediterranean fare (salads, cheese, cured meats, mini sandwiches and pastries).

The key to breakfast is to snare a spot with a view, we alternate everyday between the open area next to the ocean, the steps to the beach and the balcony terrace.

The Restaurant

A night at the Onde Verde is not complete without a dinner at the restaurant. The seafood is fresh; caught from the sea directly below your table and they have a decent wine list too.

We start with a beautiful tasting plate of entrees of fresh seafood.

For the mains we opt for the pasta. I have the homemade scialatielli cacio cheese and black pepper, dry seaweed and sea urchin cream and she has the Spaghetti with clams and cherry tomatoes and

The scialatielli is a dream, the sweet salinity of the urchin, tartness of the cacio and bite of pepper intermingled in a heavenly medley which pleases the palate.

Fort dessert we opt for the Carrot cake with mascarpone cheese and the local lemon cream cake as we enjoy the sunset.

Even if you can’t get a table on the terrace, the other tables on the side of the restaurant are equally beautiful.

The Pool

This is one most amazing pool on the Amalfi Coast. Set amongst the gardens and cliff top, the pool overlooks the sea and has a beautiful waterfall feature. If you’re not careful you can pretty much spend the whole day at the pool, it’s just so idyllic.

Praiano Activities

The beauty of this place is the activities around the hotel; boats to Capri and Amalfi, fishing tours, kayaks and water activities. It is certainly bliss!

This hotel does have it all, a beautiful restaurant, rooms with fantastic views, the location is in between Positano, and Amalfi and you have the best views of the sea in the whole Amalfi Coast. Life is found in idyllicness and serenity. This place has both and you just find yourself in seduced by the trance of salinity of the sea, the rugged rocky cliffs and the breath-taking views that make Praiano a hidden gem.

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