Devon Cafe (Surry Hills)

So Sundays are always relaxed…. except when they are rainy! Is anyone here sick of Sydney winter? Yeah I know I am!

Anyway… I am off the Devon Cafe deep in the heart of Surry Hills for some breakast!


I just need my daily caffeine hit to start the day and this place does a coffee like no other! The waft of the espresso awakens every sense and the smooth velvety coffee provides a satisfaction that provides the perfect remedy for this cold morning.  I am just loving this day!


I have mixed feelings on the main course and eventually settle on the…

Eggs blini – buckwheat blini, cured king salmon, salmon caviar, broccolini, sauce Mikado & poached eggs


This dish is oh so amazing! Its photogenic in every sense of the word…. I just love this dish. Let me describe it in a little detail for you, although I think the picture conveys the amazing sight, texture and taste of the dish.

There is the rich oily salmon, the sweet creamy Sauce Mikado (tangerine flavoured hollandaise sauce), a soft but relatively crunchy broccolini, the Salmon Caviar, the Blini and the poached eggs.

This is a dish all about interruptions…. the softness of the dish is disrupted by the crunchy green broccolini, the sweetness of the sauce Mikado rudely interrupted by the burst of the salty “taste of the sea” flavours of the Salmon Caviar.

The sweet doughy  of the Blini is trodden on by the oily salmon. It’s a mix of sweet, oily and salty. The gelatine texture of the egg whites sit over the dish as a Speaker in the House of Commons oversees his fellow members and the yolk remains encased in its cocoon only to be liberated by the poke of the fork to cover the dish in its radiant dark yellow glow. The richness of the yolk pairs with the Sauce Mikado but adds some contrast to the salmon. It is a sensation alright!


The dish is the definition of beauty, perfection, wholeness and charm…. seriously how can anyone not be amazed by the elegance of the dish. I recommend a visit to this place just for this dish alone! Anyway, I am running late for church, so I devour the rest of the my breakfast and head off to tackle my Sunday! This place is worth another visit for sure!

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