Qantas First Class Lounge – September 2014


I just love the Qantas First Lounge in Sydney airport… its such a little haven to escape from the crowds. I found myself there last week about to embark on a short overseas trip.

I won’t review the full lounge experience given I have recently done so about a month ago (you can check it out here).  The lounge has a new Spring menu and I just wanted to do a quick write-up as it was quite lovely.

I make my way to the lounge and its quite packed, but the lovely lounge crew (they are oh so helpful always) find me a table and I get seated for a late lunch.

To chill I have a glass of the Champagne Delamotte to start.


Its beautiful with a creamy fresh taste and plenty of citrus flavours to round out the experience and how good its the tingly sensation of the bubbles on ones tongue?

Sustainable black cobia sashimi, onion & horseradish cream, chervil, dill, chives on grilled schiacciata


The beautiful cobia has this zesty lemon taste with the richness of the olive gleaming through its beautiful flesh. True to form the cobia takes on the flavours of the marinade without losing its own touch. The horseradish cream provides perfect bite to interrupt the flavour of the dish while the crunch of the schiacciata adds an additional dimension of texture to this beautiful dish.

Beef ragout with fusilli pasta, basil, parsley and parmesan cheese


The soft tender stewy beef is rich and oozing with its natural juices mixed with tomato base and the herby overlay of the basil and parsley. The shaved parmesan then comes in over the top with a sharp and creamy taste sensation. A very simple dish that proves to be the ultimate comfort food.

I always love the wines in the decanter and today is not exception.  The selection is the Wolf Blass Estates of the Barossa St John’s Shiraz (2012)


IMG_20140910_154211_hdr_1 IMG_20140910_162307_hdr

I don’t think its possible to describe this wine in just a few sentences. I absolutely love it. The waft of red and black berries mixed with hints of mocha fill the air. Then the rich thick purple liquid flows through the taste buds with its velvety texture displaying the taste of dense dark fruit and earthy flavours with full ripe tannins. Its deep and wonderful!

Banana and maple tart with dulce de leche, salted pretzel praline and banana read gelato


The banana has this subtle soft creamy taste with a soft “collapes on the tongue” texture which is contrast to the firm flaky pastry. The caramel like creamy milky taste of the dulce de leche is a beautiful addition that combines the banana and the pastry to form a sensation of taste on textures.

Then let me introduce the salted pretzel praline which has this bready taste with a sharp salt flavour which is in stark contrast to sweetness of the dish. On the topic of bready flavours, the banana bread gelato on the side displays the unmistakable doughy taste of banana bread with a creamy overlay that dances dish like encore. There’s a lot happening on this dish… but its all so good.

Then there is nothing like a coffee to finish off the lunch.


Then work calls and I lock myself in one of the work suites.


I decide to have an early supper before my flight and opt for the Taittinger to chill.


I am a feeling a little peckish, so I have the Grilled blue eye with braised lettuce, bacon & fresh rice noodle to close off.


The soft silky rice noodles are such a treat, while the salty crispy skin of the trevella provides an interesting contrast with the full flavours of the fish on display through oils retained under the skin. The fish’s soft white flesh is succulent and oozes the saltiness of the sauce and the bacon, while the soft rubber like mushrooms provide an interesting texture interlude. The lettuce, of course, forms a nice base and absorbs the sauce while maintaining a light crunchy firmness.

And of course, the chips in the lounge are lovely as usual… soft moist potato surrounded by a deep crunchy coating. The perfect pre-boarding snack.


So here its the spring menu… such a wonderful introduction to the new season.

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