Armchair Collective (Mona Vale)

So I am on the Northern Beaches on a rainy Saturday morning… not the slightest bit cool!! Sydney summer… I can’t wait for you to get here! Anyway, enough of my moaning…I am here for a lovely breakfast at a beautiful beachside cafe – the Armchair Collective.

Its kinda like ABC Kitchen in New York (check out my review here), its a furniture store which serves some amazing food. There are freshly baked pastries, cakes and a rustic menu with the waft of fresh espresso to match.

I skip the lovely selection of pastries and cakes (below) and head straight for the menu.



The coffee is amazing – fresh with that velvety crema texture


Strawberry Milkshake

Then there is the Milkshake! Strawberry is the flavour today. Very similar to the one at the Boathouse in Palm Beach. The fresh creamy cold rush of milk with the delicous strawberry flavour and the special sweet strawberry gel on the side of the shake falls into the mix to create a swirl of flavours on the tongue… this is shaping up to be a lovely morning.



Vanilla Buttermilk Pancakes with Banana Brulee and Puree/Coulis of Berries, Maple Syrup with Fresh Fruits

I normally opt for savoury breakfasts… can anyone say no to silky buttery scrambled eggs?? No I didn’t think so! However the pancakes here really captured my attention. Its like the ink lept from the page onto my face. I order them and well check out the pictures below… they look amazing!!

The doughy soft, sweet pancakes are such a treat. They are combined with the sweet, sticky, smoky and earthy flavours of the maple syrup and the concentration of dark berry fruit flavours from the puree. Its the perfect combination to make this cold morning that much more bearable. I just love it.  

The hard caramelised sugary surface of the banana brulee adds a crunchy texture to a dish defined by soft doughy textures. It is a creative touch to the dish. The fresh fruits provide a beautiful interlude… but who are we kidding, the pancakes are the star of the morning.  


 Mona Vale Beach

I know its super cold, rainy and everything… but how amazing are the waves at Mona Vale Beach!


The Armchair Collective is such an amazing little spot for breakfast, tucked in the near the beach with a quality breakfast experience, charming wooden tables and super friendly staff. I’ll be back on a day when the Sydney summer sun paints the beach with a lovely golden glow.

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