W Barcelona

The Hotel

Barcelona is such a beautiful city and staying at the W Barcelona is the best way to experience the city. Located directly next to the stunning beach in Barcelona the hotel offers unparalleled views of both the Mediterranean Sea and the city from most of its rooms and suites. The hotel looks like a sail which rises from the sandy shores of the beach and is the standard for modern luxury design. The hotel was in fact designed by renowned architect Ricardo Bofill with a hip, trendy, sexy and luxurious style. Architecture and design aside, the hotel is stunning with beautiful signature W touches in the lobby and the rooms. As an SPG gold member they put the most amazing touches on the check-in and the welcome process.

Here is an amazing view of the hotel from my flight into Barcelona.


The view from the hotel – it is literally right on the beach:


Here is a view of the palm tree lined entrance


A view of the hotel at night


The Fabulous Room

The fabulous room has floor to ceiling windows with spectacular views of the Mediterranean, the beach and the beautiful city from the rise of the sun to the pink candy finish of the sunset.  The room is equipped with a plush comfortable W signature bed and a large wide screen TV with a state-of-the-art entertainment system. There are electronic blinds, a mood lighting system, a lovely chaise lounge by the window to take in the views and a spacious oversized work desk with high speed internet access for those workaholics. There is a spacious showers suite with rainfall shower and a sink with luxurious Bliss Spa bath amenities to keep one feeling truly refreshed. A freshly stocked mini bar is also available for those feeling peckish. Of course standard with any W hotel there is the Whatever/Whenever Service which helps the stay go along smoothly.


Here is a video tour of the room and some further snaps:

dsc01385 dsc01389 dsc01390

Breakfast in Bed and The View

The First Morning

I love having breakfast in bed while gazing at an amazing view. On the first morning, the sun pierces through the horizon and entering the room with its radiant glow. My head clings to the pillow as I nurse a slight hangover, the comfort of the sheets and my soft Missoni pyjamas prove too alluring as I resist the embrace of the break of dawn. The door bell rings and I vaguely remember that room service breakfast order I filled in the night before. I trudge towards the door in what would seem like a slow motion clip. At the door I am greeted by a radiant hotel staff who looks in stark contrast to my dishevelled “just woken up” look. I invite him in to place the tray on the bed and sign the invoice with a generous tip as no one should be forced to see me in this state. It turns out I have ordered the Spanish omelette with tomato bread and a glass of OJ and coffee to wash it down. It is the perfect tonic to welcome the morning and recharge at the same time. I freshen up and feel much better. I sit on the bed ready to tuck into my breakfast and gaze at the view in front of me. The beautiful bright blue waves of the Mediterranean leave a bright white foaming flourish as they crash upon the sandy shores before my eyes while I sip my coffee to awaken my senses. It is a thing of pure beauty. I just don’t want this moment to end.

dsc01402 dsc01405


The Second Morning

On the second night I opt for a change of theme, its blueberry pancakes with smoky maple syrup and a beautiful blueberry smoothie. The view and the experience is just as gorgeous as the first morning!


dsc01509 dsc01525


The Sundeck & Pool

So its super sunny and you’re simply just wow’ed by the room and its views of the beach but you feel you need to explore Barcelona! However I need a little day time sustenance / rest and relaxation before you head out, so you head to the SUN deck. There is an amazing infinity pool on the SUN deck overlooking the beach, there are beds stretched across the deck where one can perch themselves all day. I end up doing just that and never leave the hotel.


Gorgeous waiters and waitresses dressed in white (head to toe) like tennis players swoon around the desk taking cocktail orders. One of them captures my heart, she is super cute, charming and engaging with a beautiful smile to match. I glance at the menu, a little undecided, and she chimes in with a lovely recommendation. Its the Pink Chill – Espolon Tequila, Guava, Vanilla, Lime and Tabasco with some ginger on top.

Pink Chill


Here are a few of the other drinks I had over the course of my stay at the hotel:

White Wine Sangria


Barcelona Nice Tea

This little gem is so refreshing and has Grey Goose Vodka, Plymouth Gin, Espolon Tequila, Raspberry, Ginger and Honey.

dsc01439 dsc01441

I eventually take a dip into pool and the view from the edge is simply spectacular. The aqua blue pool merges with the dark Mediterranean sea with a splattering of gorgeous green topped palm trees to match. The cocktails have dulled my senses as I swim against the edge and spend an age just taking in the view – it is breathtaking;.


The Wet Bar

Next to the SUN Deck is the larger Wet Bar which has beautiful cabanas and sofas overlooking the beach, several pools and an expansive wooden deck for socialising.

dsc01426 dsc01433 dsc01434 dsc01435

As the evening closes in… a swish cocktail bar is on the menu for tonight.

Eclipse Bar

Situated on level 26 of the hotel is the swish cocktail bar / night club Eclipse. The expansive wrap-around windows provide amazing views of the beach. The place has a “look at moi” kinda feel with cool beats, purple and pink seats, signature cocktails and fusion sushi creations. I head up there for a sushi and cocktail dinner. I perch myself next to the window with a view of the waves crashing onto the shore and commence sipping a light refreshing cocktail to kick-off the evening’s proceedings.

Bloody Mint

Stolichnaya Vodka, Licor 43, Campari, Vanilla, Mint


Assorted “Moriawase”


The dish has a selection of the following sushi dishes: (1) a California Eclipse Roll: Crab Roll, Yuzu Mayonnaise, Avocado, Black Tobiko (2) a Spicy Tuna Roll: Tuna, Avocado and Spicy Mayonnaise and (3) a Sashimi and Nigiri Selection.

The sushi is fresh and delightful and perfect to recharge after a long day of… well… doing absolutely nothing. I add another cocktail to the list for the day…

Cloudy Windows

Barcardi Rum, Cinnamon Syrup, Honey Syrup, Lychee, Strawberry, Lavender


An another as the sun escapes over the horizon…

Pink Floyd

Belvedere vodka / blackberry liquor / fresh blackberries / peach / honey / cava juvé & camps


There are moments etched into your memory forever and the W Barcelona is one of those. Loved every moment at this beautiful hotel!


  1. What I woudn’t give to be sitting pool side right about now. This place looks like a tall glass of amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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