Barcelona Dining

On my recent trip to Barcelona I spent most of time in the hotel (and who could blame me given how amazing the W Barcelona was – you can check out my review here). I did, however, manage to pry myself from the hotel and enjoy a dinner on my first night as well as a leisurely lunch on third day.

Gallito Restaurant 

Gallito restaurant is on the beach next to the W Barcelona and has decent views of the beach. The restaurant has an airy open space with wooden tables and grape leaves on the beams for a relaxed beach-side ambiance. The focus is on simple Spanish cuisine prepared from fresh produce. Its my first night in Barcelona, the plane jets in late and I rush to get a taxi and head to the hotel. I am tired and a friend has recommend this restaurant. As its right next to the hotel and apparently the food is second to none I decide to choose it as my dining destination.

Its a cold night with a spattering of showers on my first night in Barcelona. I choose a glass of a beautiful full-bodied Spanish red to keep me warm and find a table inside away from the chill.


Fish Tacos – Spicy herb oil, radish salad, cilantro mayonnaise 


I start with beautiful tacos which have a light spice tang intermingled with a lovely soft flakey textured fish wrapped in soft pillowy wrap casing which proves a hit. Its a mix of spice, zest, herbs and seafood.

Baked Santurce-style Monkfish Tail


This would have to be one of my favourite dishes of the whole trip. The dish is beautifully presented with a full monkfish tail in the pot. There are a scattering of vegetables in the sauce but the real focus is the monkfish. The sauce is a mix of garlic, spice, vinegar with a touch sweetness which really provides a wonderful array of flavours to pair with the monkfish. The monkfish is cooked to perfection (which is difficult for even the most experienced chef) and is succulent and holds itself very well in the context of the dish. To be honest I found it to be an exceptional taste experience.

Bestial Dining

On my final day in Barcelona I sneak out for lunch by the beach. The same friend has recommended this restaurant as well. It’s on the other side of the beach and a bit of a walk from the hotel but the views are amazing at this restaurant.



I settle into my chair and enjoy the sea breeze while basking in the warmth of the Barcelona sun. A glass of Spanish red is brought out. I sit back and enjoy the view and let the minutes tick by on my final day in town.


Grilled Clams with Tomato & Basil and Chilli


The calms are nice with a good thick sauce to coat them with a little spice to match in the finish. It is the classic display of unami mixed with the rich salty mineraly taste of the clams.

Calamari Andalusian style


These are a local speciality apparently – to be honest I couldn’t tell the difference between this type of calamari and regular battered calamari. I think the key point to the taste experience is that the calamari is fresh and that’s what drove the dish – it was very succulent and tender with its natural flavours intact.

Cod fish carpaccio with fresh tomato and Kalamata olive


The dish is the definition of a summer Mediterranean flourish. Fresh olive oil, juicy tomato, crispy bread, the salty kiss of the gorgeous cod, the leaves, Kalamata olives and the seasoning. It’s simple and harmonious at the same time with a little summer sparkle. So ends a lovely afternoon.

Both Gallito restaurant and Bestial Dining were great restaurants which provides one with great tasting experience of local cuisines in the Barcelona beach area. Good produce and simply culinary execution to deliver a great taste experience. The monkfish tail at Gallito was the stand-out dish which I would recommend for all to taste.


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