W Bangkok (March 2015)


The W Bangkok is an amazing hotel in the centre of town and I just love the place. I stayed there last year (you can check out my review here), so I won’t go into too much detail as the room is similar to the one I stayed in last time. But I have provided some pictures this year on the breakfast and my ride in a Took Took (below).


The comfy hotel bed is a joy to come back to each night!


I love watching bloomberg to stay in touch with the market…


The view from my desk…


Hotel mini-bars are the greatest source of great temptation….


The luxurious bath with a deep soaking tub and rainforest shower is a real treat!!




Breakfast is at the Kitchen Table Restaurant. There is a broad selection from oriental dishes (dumplings and noodles), traditional gourmet (Poached Eggs, Omelettes), Cereal, Salads, Smoked meats, Indian, Pizza and pastries.

Oriental style dumplings, skewers and mushroom tofu custard (below).


Pastries galore!!! I had a chestnut danish which was simply delightful!


Beautiful poached eggs with smoked salmon on a soft plush bun.


W Lounge

Of course at the end of the day there is nothing better than unwinding with a glass of Chianti with some caramelised peanuts.


Took Took 

I normally live a pretty unadventurous travel life. I am not about experiencing local cultures, but I did take a Took Took through Bangkok. Okay it was only like a 20 minute ride, but I actually did it! The experience was nice but I think I’ll stick with the standard sedan in the future.

IMG_20150309_175623_hdr IMG_20150309_180935_hdr

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