Cathay Pacific (The Wing, First Class Lounge, Hong Kong) March 2015

The entrance to the lounge is one of the most beautiful in the world, there is that sensuous awe of the dark floors which reflect every ray of light, the view of the planes on the runway which is captivating at the best of times, but simply overwhelming when you’re in the Wing Lounge.

The Champagne Room 


Once you’ve entered you will quickly find yourself with these plush bright red sofas which are akin to ones found in the House of Lords in London. I can see myself swilling some port and discussing the finer points of UK legislation on these sofas…. but anyway. The awe of the setting eventually dissipates, letting your attention focus on what really matters here, the Champagne.

There is a nice selection of Champagnes which provide the escape for the weary traveler! The therapeutic sound of the bubbles in your champagne glass evaporating is a pure delight. I cast one last idyllic gaze over the runway and end-up walking slowly to the back of the lounge.


The Haven Restaurant (Dining Room)

The Haven Restaurant is a wonderful little spot for dinner. The restaurant here is run by the Pennisula Hotel Hong Kong and it is up there with the Qantas First Lounge in Sydney (you can check out my last review here) and the Private Dining facilities in the Concorde Room in London (review here) and New York (review here).

I am seated in one of the plush booths and am attended to by the staff who have a military like precision when it comes to service.


I ask for a Shiraz to kick off the evening and a flat noodle with beef. It was a wonderful dish where the soft noodles which had a smokiness from the grill and succulent pieces of beef that weren’t overcooked or mushed as is often found in noodles. The beef held its form with a wonderful succulence and retaining its full flavours. The crunch of the oriental vegetables rounded out the experience.


Next I have the Pan Seared Duck Breast with Pineapple Marmalade, Lentils and Sichuan Pepper Sauce which is perfectly paired with a glass of Chateau La Bourgeutte (2008).


This is a gem of a dish. It is probably one of the better dishes I have in an airline lounge. The sweet tropical nature of the pineapple marmalade is a treat and pairs well with the duck. The gamey richness of the duck with its full distinct flavour on display dominates the dish. The soft grainy lentils form a paste like consistency to add a texture contrast to the duck, while the spice and salt of the pepper sauce acts as a lovely counter balance to the pineapple.


The wine pairing is a Bordeaux red (primarily Merlot) and has a wonderful hints of oak, gentle spice, leather on the nose. On the plate there is the beautiful rich taste of black cherries and blueberries with a wonderful acidity, soft tannins which flow through to a flourishing long finish.


The desserts are lovely and I opt for a Mango pudding and Chocolate Cream dessert to round of my experience in the Dining Room.

Buffet (The Haven Restaurant)



The bar just outside the Haven serves up some wonderful cocktails. I have a hybrid of an Ameretto Sour.



The pale cream decor of the Cabana is gorgeous. I feel calm and at home with myself as I walk through the lounge. Its just beautiful!


There is the most gorgeous sofa, which could easily double as a bed. Its comfy and you’ll probably miss your flight if you let its seductive allure draw you into resting your head on its super soft surface.


There are these amazing Jurlique products which would be the perfect cornerstone to any beauty routine and would definitely helps protect you from the rigours of air travel.


I walk through the lounge and turn on the bath and hear the wonderful gush of water as the tub fills with bubbles mixed with the splash of the water against the tubs surface.


As I wave goodbye to the Cabana, I know that this place has given me a sense of belonging, a sense of refuge and above all prepared me so well for the journey ahead. Its such an amazing little oasis away from the frenzy that is an international airport.



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