The Hunter Bar (Reopens)

Resilience is a key trait one needs to have in life and the team at The Hunter Bar in Mosman certainly have it spades. I started going to this bar late last year (you can check out my review here). Unfortunately a few months ago due to a fire in the bar, the place had to be closed. However through the hard work of the team its back up and running and looks almost exactly the same as it did before the fire.

They had a Reopening Party on Wednesday and it shows things are back to normal. The food and wine were amazing. Here are some snaps from the night.

The Bar

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The super friendly staff provide me with a glass of little gem of a Shiraz from Victoria.

Tellurian Heathcote Pastiche Shiraz 2012


The aromas of dark fruits waft from the glass with small hints of dark chocolate, subtle cinnamon and pepper (the pepper is more noticeable) to tempt the nasal senses. The rich full dark berry fruits flavours dominate on the palate while some mild acidity and the subtle touch of French oak provide some light grip into the finish. I just love it and seriously stick to it all night!

Some of the other guests preferred the cocktails… which looked amazing!



There were some beautiful platters of Cheese & Cold Cuts and Dips which were lovely.


The canapes were amazing throughout the night!

Crumbed Beetroot Balls with an aioli dressing 


Once you get through the gravely crunch of the batter you are greeted with the beautiful juicy purple beetroot which have a sparkly sweet taste while the thick aioli flows through coat the beetroot with a rich smooth creamy overlay.

Marinated Peri Peri Chicken Skewers with a Spicy Lime Yoghurt


The succulent chicken has the wonderful racy spice of the peri-peri marinade shining through… and it really hits you on the first bite. The citrus from the yoghurt perfectly accompanies the peri-peri while its rich cool creaminess also acts to balances the spicy nature of the dish.

Emu Meatballs


I just love these (see below for my picture from Saturday). The rich gamey flavour of the emu with its distinct taste shines through while the light seasoning provides a wonderful finish.

Sweet Potato Tots with Chilli Mayo 


Crispy on the outside with moist soft sweet potato on the inside… these are little gems. The spicy mayo also adds to the dish by gripping the tongue on the finish adding balance to mild flavoured sweet potato. It’s certainly wonderful comfort food.

Wild Boar Hot Dogs


The rich boar sausage oozes with its juices on first bite. The soft pillowy roll is the perfect casing for the sausage. The tasting experience is gently interrupted by the tangy bite of the mustard and sauce. The dish is finished with the rich parmesan topping which adds a creamy balance to counter the strength of the mustard.

Finally the night draws to a close and I am off home. I am so happy this is place is open again. If you’re up for some interesting wines, beautiful creative cuisine (one of the few places that does good game food), chilled atmosphere with great service then The Hunter Bar is the place to be.


Ps. I was actually at the Hunter over the weekend too (I couldn’t wait for the opening party)! and I tried these amazing crocodile sliders which I had to share with you!

Crocodile Sliders with Lemon & Ginger slaw, paprika aioli and Coriander 


The firm crocodile meat has its own distinctive taste and is richly flavoured with spices while the ginger and lemon flavoured slaw provide a gentle tang to the dish. The crunch of the slaw also pairs with the softness of the slider bun to provide a contrast of textures. The creamy paprika aioli offers some richness and sweet spice to the dish. It is certainly a great tasting experience.

Emu Meatballs with Spicy Tomato Sauce


This is the same as the meatballs at the opening party, except it was covered in a rich spicy tomato sauce (which was quiet a good pairing I might add).

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