Bills (Darlinghurst)

Its a sunny day in Sydney and a chilled breeze just wafts through to temper the sun’s harsh but beautiful radiant light.

I am about to pay a visit to a Sydney Breakfast Institution – Bills in Darlinghurst. I haven’t been there in ages!! In fact the last time was well before I started Life of a Travel Czar and actually before I even took pictures of everything I ate (yes there was actually time when I would go to a restaurant and just eat the food and have an engaging conversation with my date)!

Anyway, I wander in and find a seat on the communal table.


The coffee arrives and (although not outstanding) the caffeine hit is well received and gives a beautiful fresh wake-me-up feel about the morning.



Scrambled organic eggs and sourdough toast IMG_20141129_082026_hdr_1

The soft scrambled eggs have a charming glow about them which contrasts beautifully to the aesthetics of the ripe green avocado. Its such a charming sight.

The mix of the creamy oily egg, sharp pepper, soft creamy avocado, the soft leafy spinach and the crunchy sourdough toast is an array of contrasting textures which sends my taste buds into a little spin.

The dish is lovely, although I would preferred the scrambled egg to be a bit more runny. It was firm to the touch. The avocado was beautiful as was the fresh oil which gave the dish an extra layer of richness.


Another shot of the eggs from a different angle.



Then its juice time and I can’t go past Bills GreensIMG_20141129_082128_hdr

The drink has green apple, cucumber, spinach, ginger, chia seeds and a young coconut. The fresh cool green apple and cucumber just shine and send a chilled tingle down my spine. I feel like I am five years old again slurping the rich frothy contents through my straw. The texture of the Chia seeds are such an exciting part of the drink as the slimy seeds slide through the tongue. Oh and the refreshing coconut just relaxes you and I certainly feel content this morning.


To be honest, Bills is great and it has a celebrity feel to it. People queue up for hours to get in and everyone raves about it. Its good and the service is great but I do prefer the Scrambled Eggs at Bread & Circus. Just a personal preference.

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