Sydney to Perth (Christmas 2014) – Business Class

So its been a pretty hectic year and I am looking forward to a break! Just can’t wait for the long break to be honest. I finish attending a Christmas Engagement and then am off to the airport for my trek across the continent to Western Australia.

Qantas Sydney Business Lounge

I search the lounge for a lovely spot with a view across the tarmac and then just gaze at the beautiful Red Roo tails.


I select a Christmas Cocktail – its got Champagne and a spicy fruit liqueur mix. Its a refreshing mix of light bubbles, spice and fruit flavours which is the perfect combination to welcome the evening – I just love it.


Then there is the marvelous Chicken and Leek pie – which is wonderful. It has tender pieces of succulent chicken, a flakey “it gets stuck all over your mouth” pastry casing and bits of leak in a creamy sauce. A little beauty.


Then I just can’t go past the beautiful shortbread cookies with the festive shape and sprinklings of the silver glittery sugar thingy. The grainy buttery texture of these cookies (actually they are called biscuits – I have been watching too many US Sit Coms) dissolving on your tongue are such a treat.


Then the boarding call chimes and I am off to board.

Airbus A330-200 (Business Class)

Its not the new Airbus with the updated seats but the leather seats are quite comfortable and provide an amazing recline.


Leeuwin Estate ‘Prelude Vineyards’ Cabernet Merlot (2009) Margaret River 


The wine is a favourite of mine – it has aromas of blueberries, raspberries greet you with light hints of coffee herbs and tobacco which follow suit. On the palate there is the ripe red fruit streak of the Cabernet on display with some cherries, plums, olive and hints of leather in the finish. The fruit is balanced with fine tannin grip and a flourishing sparkly acidity. The perfect wine to kick-off the holidays.

For the entree there is the ….

Salad of Orange, Olive, Fennel and Tuna 


The juicy citrus hit of the orange, the intense tangy flavour of the olives, the soft flaky pieces of tuna and the crunch of fennel provide an array of textures and flavours that float my mind back the Mediterranean. Its a light dish with simple produce which works so effectively together.

Chicken Parmigiana with Chargrilled Eggplant and Provolone 

Then before we head on the the Main Course I find myself so engrossed in a awesome movie Begin Again which stars Kiera Knightly (she is gorgeous!) which keeps distracting me from the Main Course…


Eventually I get my focus properly aligned and focus on the dish at hand….


The crispy batter coating, the succulent moist chicken is such a wonderful contrast of textures. The creaminess of the Provolone provides a lovely intense rich overlay (plus who just loves the texture of melted cheese) which is cut through quite exquisitely by the rich tangy juicy tomato sauce and soft “it just falls apart” smoky eggplant. Its simple comfort food which is quite well executed.

The dessert service doesn’t have a cheese plate (not cool)! So I opt for the….

Chocolate Cherry Cake with Crème fraîche


The rich velvety moist chocolate centre greets you once you’ve cracked through the firm crust. The most amazing part is a cherry ripe bar baked into the centre. The burst of cherries, the melted chocolate coating and that sensational texture of the coconut filling makes for an amazing taste sensation.

The dessert trolley only has a Baileys Muscat, which I try but doesn’t accord with me so I revert to the Leeuwin Estate.


Then I drift off to sleep and am woken by the Flight Attendant that we have commenced the descent and soon I am back home in Perth.

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