Cott & Co Fish Bar



The view of the deep blue ocean is such a treat as the lovely sea breeze which wafts in to provide some welcome relief from the scorching heat of the Perth sun.


We get a complimentary amuse bouche…

Prawn and Melon Gazpacho


The beautiful cooling sweetness of the melon is accompanied by an equally sweet prawn meat to provide a lovely “wake-me-up” and wonderful chilled experience to this hot summer’s day in Perth.

For the entree we opt to share a Main Dish from the Specials Board…

Exmouth Prawns with Passionfruit Vinaigrette and Mint Oil


The firmer charred part of the prawn meat is a wonderful introduction to the dish while the sweet succulent flesh is pure delight. The large juicy prawns are seriously the star of the dish and one could not ask for a more amazing dining experience overlooking the blue waters of Cottesloe. Having said that, the sweet tang of the passionfruit and cooling mint oil make the perfect accompaniment for the dish.


I opt for a cocktail….

Cocktail: Frisky Mare 


I know its a chilled relaxing afternoon and I had to go and get a complex cocktail? Travel Czar… seriously! Well I just can’t help myself… so what does it taste like. Its got Gin Mare, Raspberry, Chambord, Cranberry Juice and Lime. The foaminess of the egg white makes this oh so light while the strength of the Chambord provides a burst of raspberry flavour. The tang of the Cranberry and the lovely bite of the lime balance the sweetness of the raspberry, while the lovely olive and herby notes of the Gin just plays on your tongue. Its a refreshing and beautifully balanced cocktail.

I have the….

Goldband Snapper with Corn and Lime Salsa


A simple dish with the crisp caramelised skin of the snapper being such a treat while the flakey soft flesh is succulent and retains the full flavour of the fish. Great produce goes such a long way! The tang of the lime with the crunchy corn and salsa adds some colour and a lovely crunchy texture to the dish.


Baby Barramundi 


My dining companions opt for the baby barramundi which is a delight (I get to sneak a piece). The beautiful flesh of this simple dish with Kale, Pine nuts and a lovely roasted vegetables. Simple and perfect.



I finish off with a coffee to ease the jetlag!


The service at this place is excellent. For a casual dining establishment to have a complimentary amuse bouche is such a welcome surprise. The seafood is fresh and the staff are absolutely wonderful.

The waitress who served us today is from the North Island of NZ and was keen to chat and super friendly – she even arranged to have a couple of extra prawns so we could have two each. Now that is great service. Couple that with a stunning view and chilled holiday afternoon and I don’t think you could ask for more.

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