Supper – Rockpool Bar & Grill (The Bar)

Australia does not do a good job at supper. The concept of grabbing a late bite to eat on a Friday night is sometimes a pipe dream! It’s not like Hong Kong, New York or Dubai (the Emirates Lounge does a lovely supper – pictures here) where you can get anything you want to eat whenever you want it.

So I was at Argyle (check out my review from a few weeks back) with some cool peeps and when we finished up I was kinda hungry, so I wandered around the place and found myself in the hall of Sydney’s Power Dining – Rockpool Bar & Grill. It’s the place that does lunch for Sydney Corporate Scene. It’s perfect on a Friday afternoon if we want to celebrate a deal / corporate milestone (Rockpool are known for their steaks and they did make it on my Best of Steaks Guide – read more here)! At night the atmosphere is a little laid back and I much prefer it compared to the busy lunch hour.

The bar section is cool, it’s got a vibe and a bit of a cult-type following. To be honest, I actually prefer the bar to the restaurant.

There’s an amazing collection of glasses  which go sky high- which is a wow thing 


I order the Greenham Grass Fed Hamburger with Bacon, Gruyere Cheese and Zuni Pickle! Now there is a Wagyu Burger on the menu which is lovely, but I reckon the grass fed burger has a better flavour to it.

The juicy patty combines with the flavour of the bacon, the creamy richness of the cheese and the tang of the pickle and sauce to give you a lovely tasting experience. The soft brioche-style bun which houses the burger is plush and oh so beautiful and offers a lovely texture offset to the rest of the burger.

Greenham Grass Fed Hamburger

 IMG_20140516_213518 IMG_20140516_213544

For the wine I opt for a Shiraz called the La Violetta ‘up!’ from Great Southern region in my home state of Western Australia. The wine has full rich fruit flavours, a well integrated tannin structure and good balance. A typical rich meaty West Australian Shiraz. I love it and it goes so well with the burger.


Nice to see there is at least one spot for nice supper post a fun night out.

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