Bird and Bear Boathouse

Now some of you have probably seen this place on my Amazing Breakfasts Feature (if you haven’t check it out here. It’s full of amazing breakfast ideas). One of the places which featured there was Bird & Bear Boathouse in Elizabeth Bay. I love this spot and you can see why.

Unfortunately they are locked in a dispute of some sort with the council or the marina and they don’t have a kitchen at the moment – but hopefully they will get back to a full service breakfast menu soon. In the meantime they are partially opened with fresh pastries, scones etc. and coffee with view that just takes your breath away! You can sip your coffee, slowly tend to a flaky pastry and cast an idyllic gaze across the bay at the beautiful yachts and engage a little bit of people watching – it’s the way to kick-off a weekend.

IMG_20140517_084830   IMG_20140510_111453_hdr

I went there on a lovely Saturday morning and I had an almond croissant with “moi” coffee. It was sweet, flaky with the marzipan-like almond filling providing transcendent tingle through my body. The bits of crunchy almonds combined with the soft pastry was a textural collage! It just captivated me completely.


The previous time (last Sunday) I went there I had the lovely breakfast foccacia. It was olives, tomato and sprinkles of cheese (a Mediterranean mix of flavours) kneaded through a flaky oily pastry. The pastry just falls apart to release a salty tangy flavours of the olive and tomato, while the richness of the cheese just cuts through the dough.  Heaven on plate.


It’s such an amazing place! Simple things can be the most beautiful.

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