Reuben Hills (Wake Me Up)

I have been to Reuben Hills several times before. The coffee is the best and the food is oh so amazing and they used to do this black sesame milkshake which was loverly. It’s been ages since I have been here, given my work, travel and other dining priorities.

So here I am right in the heart of Surry Hills to reacquaint myself with this cafe – Love this spot, it’s like Melbourne only not.

I arrive and the place is humming, plenty of chatter, the waft of espresso and staff rushing food and drink to tables. The staff show me to a bar seat. There’s a couple of lovely girls who serve me – they are attentive and have a soft charm about them.

The Coffee


The coffee is a real wake-me-up. It’s so good! The bitter crema mixed with milk foam parts to reveal a beautiful smooth velvety milky liquid. Amazing flavour.

Salted Caramel Shake 


The salted caramel milkshake looks amazing. I love the silver cups it’s like they are fresh out of the milkshake machine. There is nothing more therapeutic than seeing the bubbles in the milkshake slowly disintegrate. I place the straw in mouth and slurp it. The gush of the cold creamy milk goes through my mouth leaving this amazing chilled sensation. Then there is the oh so sweet caramel aftertaste which just gives you a real high. I can’t really taste the salt aftertaste in the caramel as you would expect from a salted caramel, it’s more jersey caramel flavour to be honest. Anyway, it’s lovely, it’s beautiful, I just love this drink.

Soft baked eggs with goats curd, spinach, ranchero and rye toast


The soft baked eggs dish is amazing. The eggs are topped with a light (bit tart) creamy goats curd and sit in the midst of a ranchero sauce base. The rich tomato base and spice of the ranchero just cuts through the creamy light flavour of the goats curd. It’s amazing. There are soft spinach leaves on the side which add colour to the dish and are beautiful. The eggs are quite something. Some of the egg white (on the edge) are well cooked, but the middle is underdone (classic soft baked eggs) and have this gelatine texture it’s beautiful. I break the yolks (they are a bit firm but soft on top) and they spread like an invading army into the rest of the dish, mixing with ranchero sauce and provide a bright yellow streak through the dish. The richness and thickness of the egg yolk pairs perfectly with the ranchero sauce. They are the perfect couple. I spread the sauce with bits of egg white, the ranchero and egg yolk on the rye and take a bite. Words can’t describe the combination! It’s the perfect gourmet, rustic breakfast one could ask for.

Such a beautiful cafe tucked in a lovely warehouse/garage. One little gripe they don’t take Amex! So no frequent flyer points for me today.



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