Breakfast at Ivy (Pathfinders)

Its early in the morning (it’s raining in Sydney) and I make my way through Martin Place through to the Ivy complex for a breakfast. Do I really feel like this? But anyway balancing short-term with long-term is my key motto!.


So I head to Ivy and am greeted by one of the amazing event hosts (I actually know her – she is always so friendly and has such a beautiful smile! Just what I need this morning), we have a brief chat, she shows me my name badge and I make my way in.

In general Travel Czar loves business breakfasts; Interesting speakers, meeting cool people, networking and sharing thoughts and ideas. However one thing Travel Czar typically dislikes is the type of food catered at these events, so he approaches them with a healthy scepticism.


Thankfully this event (Pathfinders Breakfast) has a fantastic array of food and typically doesn’t disappoint. So let’s go through what we have on the table.


Scrambled Eggs


The beautiful and soft buttery scrambled eggs are just lovely. They maintain their form on the plate have a soft texture but aren’t the watery mush you sometimes get. I have scoop a spoonful and place them in my mouth and spread them all through my tongue, the burst of buttery oils, creamy goodness and light seasoning creates a little party in my mouth. It’s the perfect wake-me-up dish. I just love it. Soft silky scrambled eggs… could you ask for anything more?

The Pastries


I help myself to a couple of pastries (a chocolate custard and the blueberry later on). The flaky pastry just crumbles in my mouth; with little flakes spreading all through the roof of my mouth (you know the sensation). The sweet velvety chocolate escapes the pastry forming a rich sticky mixture and the smooth gentle lightness of the custard joins the party. It’s pure heaven.

Beans in Tomato Sauce


I have the beans roasted tomato sauce. The rich tomato sauce is combined with the beans which are cooked to be firm but they aren’t too soft. It’s quite amazing, there is a nice balance.

The Bread


The bread is well toasted, but is just way too bready. It’s not like a flat crispy turkish bread I love. Not a fan of them – thin crispy bread is the go!

The Yogurt and Fruit


The yogurt is creamy with the gentle soft bite of the yogurt tang providing a nice aftertaste. The burst of the fresh berries release an extreme sugary fruity kick and the grainy muesli pieces add some real texture to what is a really smooth dish. It’s lovely.

Anyway, the talk wraps-up, I have a quick chat to the girls at my table – everyone found it insightful (as did I). I race-off making my way through the busy Sydney streets after a very satisfying breakfast and insightful business talk.


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