Restaurant 1896

So I meet my dining companion in the city and we make our way through Clarence Street to look for a suitable dining venue. We come across restaurant 1896, which is where Becasse Restaurant used to be. I loved the spot and we decide to venture in.

The dining room is elegant, the staff are friendly and hospitable and there is something “I am in New York” about the feel and the ambiance.




So my dining companion opts for the soft shell crab, which looks lovely and is confirmed being equally tasty based on the feedback.

Tempura Soft Shell Crab and Sticky Chilli Dipping Sauce 


I opt for the…

Salmon and Scallop Ravioli with Lemon Butter and Salmon Pearls


The beautiful soft, wheaty casing of the ravioli mixes with the rich buttery sauce and the citrus interference for a sparkling sensation to the dish. The filling is full of rich oily salmon . The Salmon roe creates a burst of salty sea tastes on the tongue to round out the softness of the broader flavours in the dish. It’s a lovely entree.

Main Course

My dining companion opts for the…

Grain Fed Fillet Steak with Potato Mash, French Beans and Jus 


I have my heart set on the Barramundi

Pan Fried Barramundi on Crushed New Potatoes, Baby Bok Choy, Roast Red Capsicum and Mango Glaze


The crispy salt crusted skin is at a wonderful contrast to the flakey sweet flesh of the fish which is brimming with its natural flavours. A similar texture contrast greets you with the potatoes, crispy skin with fluffy moist potato inside. The bok choy adds extra weight to the dish. The roast capsicum adds some smoky tang to the dish and the mango which is super sweet introduces a wonderful ying yang touch to this dish.



My dining companion shows wonderful judgement in choosing the Mango and Coconut Panna Cotta – suffering some serious food envy!!

Mango and Cocount Panna Cotta with Pineapple Granita 


I choose the Parfait…

Raspberry Parfait with Mint Anglaise 


The parfait looks interesting. I didn’t think it was what I expected, however the fresh taste of raspberries is a pure delight on the tongue and the oh so refreshing mint anglais is the perfect touch to round out the dessert and dining experience.

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