Chiosco by Ormeggio


I have previously been to Ormeggio, which is wonderful fine dining establishment in Mosman, next to the Spit bridge with stunning views out to Middle Harbour. You can check out my review of Ormeggio here.

Today we are into the Australia Day long weekend and I am off to lunch at a casual dining establishment from Ormeggio called Chiosco. In Italian it means “kiosk” and it has a focus of Italian street food – simple dishes with quality ingredients and a view to match.


The views of the water are partially obscured by the boats, but I love seeing the boats moored on the blue waters. However you can look through the boats at the middle of wharf catch a wonderful view out onto the harbour.


The staff are super friendly and efficient and once I am seated I have a lovely view next to the edge of the wharf.


The place is not yet fully licensed, so its BYO. I stop off to find the perfect wine for the afternoon.


Leeuwin Estate, Art Series, Riesling (2013), Margaret River (Western Australia)


Let’s see, hot summer Australia day long weekend with lots of seafood? I can’t seem to go past the Leeuwin Estate, Art Series Riesling (2013) from Western Australia. Maybe I am biased, being a West Aussie myself, but the minerality and lemon in the wine is a perfect companion to the dishes on the menu.

This is a dry Riesling with aromas of limes and apples with soft floral notes which provide a wonderful introduction. On the palate the wine is firm with a good concentration of fruit flavours of lime and bitter lemons with a lively and fresh acid underpins the wine. The minerality and bitterness of the fruit flavours work to provide an excellent finish.


Fritto Misto (Hawkesbury River School Prawns and Baby Calamari with Lemon Mayo)


It’s a beautiful dish; with the crunchy light batter and the prawn shells providing a lovely introduction to the succulent silky prawn meat. The calamari is as one expect a crunchy light batter with the calamari retaining a wonderful texture and natural flavours. The lemon mayo is rich and creamy with a delightful citrus bite to round off the experience.



Busiate Puttanesca (Anchovies with Garlic, Black Olives, Chilli and Cherry Tomato)


The dish is a wonderful array of simple Italian flavours with the saltiness of anchovy (which is dissolved in the mix), the juiciness of the tomato, the intense Mediterranean tang of the olives abd the spicy kick of the chilli‎ while the beautiful soft wheaty pasta which holds it together. The richness of the Parmesan on top provides a nice finish to round out the dish with its creamy coating.



Gamberoni  (Grilled Split King Prawns with Chilli Lemon Dressing)


This is a simple dish that requires no real explanation – quality seafood, light seasoning, grill and then serve. The sweet succulent prawn flesh mixed with the citrus smoky flavours of the lemon and heat of the chilli is the perfect taste experience.



Polipetti (Baby Octopus Skewers with Salmoriglio)


The smoky succulent octopus is full of flavour and again reflecting the focus of good produce. The intense tangy flavour of the Salmoriglio (a sauce of lemon juice, olive oil, minced garlic, chopped oregano and parsley) is a wonderful accompaniment to the octopus. The lemon tang adds a sharp taste, while the olive oil contributes a silky smoothness to hold it together. The flavours of the herbs shine, while the kick from the garlic rounds it out wonderfully.



Bombolone with Nutella


So here’s the deal the desserts here are simple Italian pastries which all sound divine. I order these Italian doughnuts filled with Nutella (Do not lick the screen!).

It’s such a sensuous experience…the crispness of the outer pastry, the grainy sweetness of the sugar dusting, the fluffy “oh you know doughnut batter taste like” ‎pastry beneath the crust which leads into the rich, thick, chocolatey, oily hazelnut filling. Words can’t describe… the sensation of the Nutella filling which mixes with the pastry and sugar in one’s mouth! It’s a such treat.




It’s a warm day, but a coffee to wake-me-up is required. The coffee here is excellent!



The Bay and Everything

The view on the way out is breathtaking… that’s why I just love this place!



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