Moments Like These (Qantas Business Lounge)

When the world is moving at a pace which you cannot keep up…. there are places and moments that provide you a refuge from the outside world.  One of those would have to the Qantas domestic business lounge in Sydney.


I was there for a quick day trip for work, which proved to be extremely hectic. The morning flight can be the most difficult… you wake-up super early and have deal with the whole airport security / check-in thing. Anyway, I make it through set-up my laptop to do a bit of work. I realise I am not awake enough to work and I need my morning caffeine hit… so I make away to the barista service. I get asked by the lovely girl what I would like… I ponder at my hectic schedule for the day ahead and respond a double shot skim flat white (I don’t normally doubles). The waft of the strong coffee awakens me, as I sip on the velvety espresso crema blends the silky creamy milk and I suddenly feel a bit more alive to the world.


I make my way to the food area, where soft flaky pastries greet me, I take a couple. I also grab a delicious berry yoghurt, with has the seed texture of the berry with a tangy fruity layer which is followed by the rich creamy yoghurt. I settle down in my seat next to beautiful view of the tarmac and gaze somewhat aimlessly for a moment. I  also have a smooth foamy carrot and apple juice (juiced freshly right in front of me) which provides a lovely feeling of wholeness to the breakfast experience.

Then I am off to board my flight… I leave the lounge feeling so much better than when I walked in. I just love this place. It’s the art of Living, Loving & Lounging.

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