67 Union Street Deli

So its a calm morning, as I take the relaxed stroll through McMahon’s Point to have some breakfast. We stop at a little deli on Union St. They do rustic gourmet sandwiches, have a producers style set-up and have the waft of fresh espresso filling the air every morning.

My friend opts for a piccolo, while I have my usual skim flat white. My coffee has enough strength to wake me up, while the silky velvety mix of espresso and milk flow through my bloodstream like a rush of oxygen… it’s amazing.


I also opt for some breakfast, which today is a toasted sourdough topped with avocado, juicy tomatoes and a sprinkling of Persian Feta with a side of lemon.

The ripe juicy tomatoes are just bursting with flavour, the soft creamy avocado provides a light balance to the dish, while the sour tartness of the feta adds another dimension to the dish. The olive oil drizzled over the top, stamps this dish as one of those light Mediterranean “kick-offs” to the day which pairs perfectly well with the relaxed atmosphere of the place.

IMG_20140708_110136 IMG_20140708_110159_hdr_1

 It’s close to the water in what has to be one of the most beautiful spots in Sydney. So if you happen to be in McMahon’s Point and are keen for a  relaxed rustic breakfast, then 67 Union St Deli is a choice place.

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