Island Pacific Hotel (Hong Kong)

Room / View

I had the privilege of staying at the Island Pacific Hotel on my recent trip to Hong Kong. Now typically my posts are oh so descriptive, but I think this one where I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking. It is such a beautiful view panoramic view from all windows of beautiful Victoria Harbour. I just loved waking up to the view in the morning, watching the sun cast its glow across the city and the harbour. Every minute in the room was captivating.


IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1913 IMG_1919


For breakfast, I pry myself away from my room and settle into a lovely buffet breakfast of East meets West – Miso Soup, Carrot Juice, Yoghurts, Scrambled Eggs, Salmon and some Dumplings.


The scrambled eggs were a stand-out. The soft buttery velvety eggs were so amazing in terms of hold, texture and flavour that it paired irresistibly with the salmon. I enjoyed every mouthful of the eggs.


I leave the hotel with this view etched in my memory…. Hong Kong, you are one beautiful city!



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