Caprice (Hong Kong)


So its my final day in Hong Kong and I decide to have lunch at the stylish Caprice Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel. The views are stunning and I get a table right next to the window. The views of the beautiful blue skies, the Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harbour are oh so enchanting.


If you felt nothing could compare to the view of Victoria Harbour, the plush “old school” furnishings and decor certainly make the view inside quite a treat too.


Amuse Bouche 


The amuse bouche is a quail egg fried with an elegent coil batter on white bean puree. The richness of the egg yolk burst forth on first bite, followed by the gelatine like egg white texture. The crunch of the batter is an alluring texture while the soft fluffy moist white bean puree adds balance and close off the dish.

Mackerel Fillet Tart, Ratatouille Vegetables


The flakey crispy pastry on the bottom just leaves a mess in your mouth which is quite a sensation. The tang of the ratatouille is perfect to mingle with the rich oils of the mackerel. The mackerel’s flavour shines so distinctively to stamp its authority on the dish. The juicy tomatoes and drizzling of olive oil add a beautifully light flavour reinforce the casual Mediterranean characteristics of the dish. I almost feel like I am back in Monte Carlo. The vegetables on top add a lovely clean fresh flavour with some beautiful crunch. A dish which is light and effortless to eat at the same time.

Australian Lamb in Sweet & Spicy, Boulgour Semolina in Couscous


The Moroccan spices, honey and tomato rub are a cornerstone for the dish and do their best to extenuate the lambs flavours. The lamb is juicy and full that strong sweet natural flavour that defines it. It is quality produce doing its thing! The crunchy spring vegetables add the perfect texture contrast while the jus which has enough of the lamb flavours and a hint of delicate honey proves ever so appetising. A mound of grapes and onions on the side add a caramelised sweetness to match the rest of the dish. The dish is all about bringing the sweetness of the lamb to the fore with gentle hints of Moroccan spice to counterbalance. The couscous adds a grainy texture and provides some weight to the dish. An enjoyable tasting experience.


Château La Haye (2004) Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux, France

I decide to go for a half bottle a lovely wine from Bordeaux


The wine proves such a treat. Blackfruit aromas fill the atmosphere as the wine escapes its 10+ year hibernation. The beautiful hints of spice and leather follow through to build the anticipation. On first taste, the fruit intensity is noticeable but has been balanced considerably through maturity with some wonderful notes of tobacco, wood, cloves and leather. The overall spicy overlay which pervades the wine proves a treat with the lamb to reinforce the flavours and seasoning of the dish. The tannins prove to be quite a charm on the finish and provide a stunning pairing with lamb as the wine enters its long finish with the same flair as its the introduction.

Crispy Coffee Pastry, Tiramisu Mousse, Coffee Cream and Mascarpone


This coffee cake proves to be the perfect treat with a super crispy outer coating which is covered in a sugary coffee icing which leaves a sensuous mouth feel experience from the first taste. The tiramisu and coffee cream is a transcendent milky creamy tasting experience which is dazzling. The richness of the creams and the full caffeine flavours go hand in hand in the stylish dessert.


Coffee and Petit Fours


The petit fours are lovely with a variety of textures and flavours. The coffee is top-notch for Hong Kong standards and provides a lovely wake-me-up to get me through the afternoon. Loved it.

IMG_1993 IMG_1999


As I leave, I take a look at the view (my table was at the left of the photo below). It is truly stunning and epitomises Hong Kong’s beauty. The food was exquisite and I just loved the bottle wine. The service was impeccable as I have come to expect in Hong Kong. Caprice is truly a stylish dining destination for anyone who wishes to experience the best of Hong Kong.



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