Hong Kong Lounges (Cathay Pier & Wing Lounges and Qantas Lounge)

I have a long transit in Hong Kong which I am not looking forward to… Cathay rearranged some of my flights and I stuck in that tough spot…. I don’t really have enough time to head-out and see the city but at the same time its going to be a long wait for the next flight. I weighing up my options and I decide to stay airside and chill out in the fantastic lounges.

I have blogged about these lounges before, so this will be brief post…

The Wing


Cathay Pacific’s Wing Lounge is a favourite of mine for two reasons. The first has to be the décor of the Champagne Bar at the front of the lounge….it is simply lovely!

Champagne Room


The second highlight of the lounge has to be the Cabana.

The Cabana

There is a small sofa to chill, the beautiful bathtub, rainforest shower and a spacious cabinet top to get yourself ready and swish for your next flight. Of course nothing beats a nice bath with a lovely glass of red wine in hand.



The Haven

I used to love the Haven restaurant in the Wing. The restaurant is run by the folks at the Peninsula Hotel and has a lovely food offering with some made to order dishes and an extensive buffet spread (below). I think since the opening of the Pier, I have tended to prefer to head over to that lounge (discussed later) rather than the Haven for a bite to eat. However, its always nice to see what’s on the menu at the Wing just in case there’s something special.




On that note, I do head over to the Pier which is closer to my boarding gate and spend most of the day at that Lounge.

The Pier

The thing that stands out in the Pier is their restaurant. I have a couple of meals there due to the long transit.


Here is my breakfast…


Its a classic Eastern-style brekkie with noodles, dumplings and congee washed down with a lovely glass of Champagne.


I do enjoy the post breakfast menu too…

The crabmeat and conpoy soup with scallop and prawn sesame toast is a purely delightful experience.


A lovely Beef Tenderloin with noodles proves equally satisfying


The Pantry

If you’re feeling peckish during the day, then there is The Pantry; which is full of a wide range of snacks for you to munch on throughout the day….



The Chairs

The chairs in the lounge are lovely and they have the feel of an old club. There is a lovely sense of pleasure sipping on the wine while leaning back into the soft plush leather of the chair.


Being Australian, I think there is something about feeling a touch of home when you’re away. So I leave the luxury of the Cathay lounge and head down to the Qantas Lounge for a glass of Australian Shiraz and the atmosphere of chatter littered with Australian accents.

The Qantas Lounge

I have their special dish of the day (The Roast Pork) at the Bar with a glass of Shiraz.


The dumpling trolly comes along and I pick-up some beautiful dumplings for the night.


There is a lovely staff member there and she always remembers me and is oh so friendly and I just love chatting to her. It’s funny how moments of connections can be the one thing that stands out in your travels.

Thus ends my long transit in Hong Kong. Long transits can be painful but the lovely lounges at Hong Kong International certainly ease the pain somewhat… Singapore here I come.


  1. My new CX fav is the Eastern Breakfast combo … was delicious. The QF Lounge staff are quite outstanding with their memories & a well drilled team. FYI they are opened early now for JAL flights with a Japanese style menu from 7.30am & late for BA & Finnair to after 12 midnight.

    Think the Pier has now eclipsed the Wing for dining although the Champangne Bar is great. You can’t beat the views of the ‘whales’ (380s) from the Pier with BA, EK & LH in there … nor the foot massage.

    Long transits … very enjoyable

    1. Thanks Keith – Completely aligned with your thinking. Thanks for the heads-up on the Qantas Lounge dynamic re: JAL and BA/Finnair! I might have a chance to check it out on my next trip

  2. Hope you enjoyed HK (my home) but a shame to be stuck at the airport. Next time you’re passing through and killing time come into the city for a drink! Nick Walton, fellow traveller @TravellingNick

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