Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

I land in Singapore fresh my long transit in Hong Kong (you can check out my review of the long transit in the Hong Kong Lounges here).

I arrive at Marina Bay Sands which is my final stop before my flight home to Sydney. The hotel lobby is expansive and always packed. However I find check in is a breeze compared to the queues at the main counter as I am staying in one of the Club Rooms which offers an express check-in service.

I finally get to my room (I am a little exhausted) and I find the room to be simply stunning! The views and décor of the room is certainly something!

The Room

The room has views over Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline.


The view from the bed is quite stunning and gives a reasonable indication of the size of the room.

IMG_6999 IMG_7002

Even if you are stuck doing a bit of work, the view from your desk is stunning.


The Bathroom is pretty spacious and the detached bathtub is the perfect way to relax after a long day of…. well in my case doing nothing!

IMG_7150 IMG_7153


Club Lounge

The Club Lounge at Marina Bay Sands is awesome! They offer you breakfast, light refreshments throughout the day, afternoon tea and evening drinks and canapés.


The breakfast options at the lounge are quite something… although some are awfully unhealthy.

IMG_7171 IMG_7172

The cold-cuts and cheese is quite alluring….


There is wide array of freshly baked goods, including bread, pastries bagels and sweet cakes.


I eventually find a seat overlooking the South China sea, waiting for the sun to rise and I have a made-to-order omelette with some pastries and tea. This should keep going for the day ahead.


Finally the sun rises to show the full splendour of the vista of the boats and the South China sea.


I also took a small baked truffle egg dish from the buffet which was simply lovely.


Afternoon Tea

The Lounge also does a fantastic afternoon tea spread….


These macaroons are just too good!


Again, I find a table with a view out to ocean and just gaze at the boats which zoom in and out of this beautiful port city!


Here is what I tried… a lovely mix of Pandan Chiffon cake Macaroons and mini chocolate muffins.


Evening Drinks and Canapes

My favourite part of the Club Lounge has to be the drinks and canapes…. I stick to my usual table to enjoy this session.


Complimentary nibbles are brought to the table


There is a buffet style service and I choose the following mix of cheese, salmon pastrami, gourmet bread, short ribs, beef flank, prawns, soft shell crab burger, truffled pasta and polenta cakes….



And what does an Australian who travels across the world to try new experiences do when he is overseas…. he washes down this amazing food with an Australian Shiraz Cabernet from South Australia!

IMG_7045 IMG_7051 IMG_7056 IMG_7062

The Infinity Pool

This is simply one of the most stunning views I have seen. It is the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool, with a view of the amazing Singapore skyline from 57 levels above. The pool deck is decorated with Palm trees and beds for perfect relaxing tropical experience.

The Pool

IMG_7189 IMG_7205 IMG_7210 IMG_7214

The Pool has a small menu of light bites and drinks which can be enjoyed right beside the pool… I indulge a cocktail or two…

IMG_7257 IMG_7259


The pool is super beautiful so here are some more pictures of the area….

IMG_7008 IMG_7010 IMG_7011 IMG_7015 IMG_7018

You can sit in the pool and the watch the sunset and at night the glowing lights of the Singapore skyline replaces the sun and is a lovely experience.


IMG_7124 IMG_7146

The Jacuzzi

On the other side of the pool deck (the pool faces Marina Bay and the City) are a few Jacuzzis with views over the South China Sea…. It is quite a luxurious experience to have the warm bubbles soothing every muscle in your body as you gaze at this amazing view!


IMG_7263 IMG_7265 IMG_7270 IMG_7281

If you want see a beautiful video of the pool, I did capture in my travel video diary! You can click on the link here.

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