Fish Shop (A Leisurely Lunch)

So I find myself a the Fish Shop yet again (see my prior review here). It’s a blissful Monday public holiday, as I wonder into this Hamptons style restaurant with a friend for lunch. How can anyone not like this place, where the staff are beautiful, the vibe is chilled and food is fresh and well executed.




We settle at the back bar (which decked out like a Fishing Cabin) and start to chat about what’s been going… we haven’t seen in other ages! So there’s heaps of catching-up to do, politics, work, business, my constant travels etc. We have heaps of catching-up to do!

Finally we settle in to order some wine. We opt for the Barone Ricasola Chianti Classico. This is exactly the same wine I had the day before at the Larder (so please check out my review of that wine here). It’s a cold day and a nice bottle of red is what’s required.


The soft oily Sardines, with that distinct fish and sea flavour is paired with beautiful tomato slices, beans, a light touch of aioli, on a crusty piece of bread drizzled generously with olive oil. The succulent sardines are perfectly done and is the star of the dish. The tomato adds a lovely tangy overlay, while the beans add some needed texture. The aioli adds a gentle richness to what is otherwise a simple but elegant dish.


The Soft Shell Crab on a Vietnamese roll with a spicy mayonnaise sauce and Asian vegetables is beautiful. The crunch of the soft shell crab coating makes way for the soft succulent crab meat which is flaky and fresh. The mayonnaise adds a light cream and thickness to the dish while the crunchy vegetables add some nice texture and an oriental touch to the dish. The soft bun is like a lovely pillow which encases all the quality ingredients.



My friend opts for the Pan Roasted Perch on a bed of peas and beans, which looks lovely. The caramelised skin on top of the succulent white flesh must been quite the dining experience. My friend notes it is a nice dish.


I had the Tuna steak, which was lightly seared with some salsa verde and some caramelised fennel on top. The soft tender jelly like tuna fillet is divine with the crunchy fennel providing texture and the salsa verde a light tangy flavours without overpowering the dish. Its simple, fresh produce in action again!



Some Pea Mash follows as side.


As does some old fashion chips


For dessert a Panna Cotta is chosen by my friend.


I opt for their traditional Ice cream Sandwich. Which is this frozen light creamy goodness and a light crumbly chocolate biscuitty coating which breaks into little crumbs of heavenly goodness in the mouth. The dish is a work of art, decadence in action. It’s so good, but its last but for moment and then I stare helplessly at the empty plate with sadness as a wonderful experience comes to an end.


So ends a wonderful afternoon, quality time, food and wine…. just the way long weekends should be.

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