Essential Australian Travel Apps (A guest post from Menulog)

This is special edition guest post from Menulog. I am not getting paid for this guest post.

I have been trying to make this blog a little bit more helpful, in terms of practical travel tips and I note that many of the visitors to this site are international and I think this may be of assistance for your travels! Enjoy.


Travel can be exhausting: time is short and there are always so many things to see. And in a country like Australia, where there’s so much ground to cover, you don’t want to waste a single second. Don’t come back from your holiday more stressed than when you left. Take advantage of these useful Australian travel apps and let technology do the heavy lifting.

There’s Nothing Like Australia

iOS | Android

theres nothing like australia

This Tourism Australia app contains all the inspiration you need for an incredible Aussie holiday. Focusing on 17 must-see destinations including Uluru, the Gold Coast and the Great Ocean Road, it’s full of beautiful interactive images, things to do, places to stay and a useful itinerary planner.




Stayz offers a range of accommodation all across the country. Pet-friendly hotels, city apartments, country cottages, beachside bungalows – the enormous selection ensures that every requirement is catered for.


iOS | Android


Travel can be so tiring that sometimes all you want to do is crash on your bed with a movie and some good food. That’s where Menulog comes in: this handy app allows you to order from nearby takeaway restaurants sorted by customer rankings. There’s a huge range of restaurants boasting everything from Lebanese to Sushi and you can even set up orders ahead of time.

TomTom Australia

iOS | Android

tomtom australia

Australia’s a big place to get around and Internet coverage isn’t always reliable. With maps stored on your phone, TomTom Australia allows you to navigate offline. It offers clear vocal instructions and advanced guidance to lead you through traffic jams and difficult junctions.

Australia Bushwalking

iOS | Android

australia bushwalking

The best way to experience the vast Australian wilderness is on foot. With maps, geographical information, walking times and images, this is a comprehensive guide to tracks and trails all across the country.

PocketWeather Australia

iOS | Android

pocketweather australia

The “land of droughts and flooding rains” can have some pretty unpredictable weather. Head for the sunshine with this attractive, detailed guide to Aussie weather sourced from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

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