Boat Ride 

I am off to the beautiful island of Capri. The boat picks us up from the beach right next to our hotel in Praiano and pretty soon we are jetting across the Amalfi Coast on our way to Capri.


The boat trip is offers an amazing sensory experience with the coastline full of beautiful rock structures, pure aqua blue waters and little caves which leave one in awe.


The Blue Grotto 

A key highlight of the trip to Capri was a little stop at the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Cave). Our boat stops outside the cave and there a bunch of smaller row boats which pick you up from the main boat.

The boats take you to a floating ticket office near the entrance of the cave. You have to pay a separate entrance fee and the row boat skipper then skillfully steers the boat into the tiny mouth of the cave (please keep your head down lest it smacks on the cave’s entrance).

Inside the cave it’s complete darkness but for the crystalline bright light, while the tunes of Italian folk songs (sung by the boat’s captains) echo through the cave walls.


The reasons for the blue glow is that underneath the water’s surface is a hole in the ground (directly below the entrance of the cave) which allows sunlight in from outside of the cave. This light, combined with the light that comes in through the entrance of the cave means the water in the cave is illuminated by two sources creating the blue glow.


We eventually make it to Capri and the island is just so beautiful; plenty of yachts, views of the aqua waters and serene walks through the island’s rocky terrain while stopping to gaze at the lemon orchards which are the source of the island’s trademark limoncello.


I do a little alfresco relaxation with an afternoon Spritz by the main walkway overlooking the marina.


Leaving Capri  

The sun is out in full for the boat ride home and we have a dip in the waters under one of the caves to escape the Amalfi sun, sip on some limonchello and enjoy the views on our ride home. We stop to gaze at the beautiful towns along the coast before heading back to Praiano.



Video Diary

It’s so difficult to describe the trip to Capri in just words and pictures, so I weaved together a little video of the trip (including the Blue Grotto visit).

The background music is from ‘Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit’ by Gina G. I do not own any rights to the song.




  1. Oh….so this is why we go to work everyday. To save up for little boat trips like this.
    Surely there cant be too many things left on your bucket list.
    Can someone give Gina a hand with whatever it is she is asking for.

    1. Thanks! This is why I go to work everyday too!!. The Amalfi Coast was a huge thing to tick-off my bucket list. I still haven’t done much of North America given I am always lured to Europe.

      Re: Gina G – haha

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