Amalfi Coast

So my time in the Amalfi Coast comes to an end and I have blogged about most of the key highlights of the trip (Hotel Onde Verde, La Sponda and Capri), but I just wanted to share the other amazing experiences I had on the Amalfi Coast with you so you can start planning your next holiday.


The Town

Positano is an amazing town with beautiful blue seas, the rocky facade, the beautifully coloured buildings and beachside bars and dining spots. Here are some snaps as I strolled through the town after my lovely lunch at La Sponda.


The beachside bars are just so beautiful.


The views are just breathtaking.


The sunset is even more beautiful!


Franco’s Bar

One of the best bars in Positano is Franco’s Bar. It’s in the same hotel as the La Sponda restaurant and has amazing views over Positano. The beautiful blue deck chairs set one in the mood and little cocktails. They don’t have a food menu (sans some bar nibbles) but you’re not there for that – its cocktails and wine with a view that’s the order of the day!



The Covo Restaurant 

If you’re after a restaurant on the beach front for dinner then there is the Covo Restaurant in the Covo Dei Saraceni Hotel which has a beautiful terrace overlooking the beach.


For the entree I had the scallops on Asparagus tips and black truffle wrapped in a pork film.


For the main course I had the linguine with lobster and lemon perfumed Lobster Bisque and baked cherry tomatoes.


The service was a little sloppy when I got there; they misplaced my reservation & when I asked about the pork film around the scallop, the waiter shrugged and had no idea about the dish. Other than that it is a lovely spot for dinner with a view.


The sunset in Praiano is so beautiful!


Il Pirata

Staying in Praiano was one of the best decisions I made on the trip. It’s got amazing views, it is a little bit more secluded and has some amazing spots to dine at. One of those spots which was just beneath my hotel was il Pirata a beautiful restaurant on the rocky base of the cliff.

For the entree I had the sea urchin linguine


Sea urchin linguine which was a rich creamy sauce with sea urchin weaved through. The dish was paired with a lovely Chardonnay with mouthwatering acidity and tart lemon flavour which was perfect to balance sugary starch of linguine.

For the main course I had the fish of the day. The local grilled fish was served with Mediterranean vegetables.



The fish was a bass and paired with an Aglianico which had good fruit and light on the plate. It was a beautiful way to see off the day.

Leaving the Amalfi Coast

Eventually it’s time for me to leave the Amalfi Coast and jet to my next destination. The Amalfi Coast is such a delight to visit but a pain to leave. I feel the destination just wants to kick you for leaving – it rubs in the fact that you’re gonna miss its beautiful shores, its enchanting sun and the lovely boats. It does this by giving you one last spectacular glimpse of life on the coast as you leave; the photo below is the view I have of the Bay of Naples as I jet off.


The video probably captures a moment a little better than the picture!

The background music is from ‘Jubel’ by Klingande. I do not own any rights to the song.


    1. Awww thanks Steph! The Amalfi Coast is so amazing, recommend adding it to your bucket list. It’s so picturesque it’s difficult not to take good snaps there.

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