British Airways First Class (London to New York)

I eventually leave the comfort of the Concorde Room at London Heathrow (you can read my review of that here) to make my way on board for the flight to New York.


I make myself comfortable in the suite and am provided with a lovely amenity kit and some gorgeous pyjamas to match.

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Soon after take-off we are brought some lovely nuts and a glass of wine as the clouds become our only friends as we jet above the deep blue that is the Atlantic Ocean on our way to New York. The sun creates a reflective glow over the clouds and enters the cabin to brighten the atmosphere. I cling to my glass of wine and just cast an idyllic gaze outside the window for a moment where time just stood still as we are suspended in the sky. It’s such a beautiful experience.



Soon after the lunch service commences.


Grilled King Prawns with Caramelised Pineapple Carpaccio and Saffron Crème Fraiche


The smoky grilled prawns are a delight with the sweet intense tropical flavour of the pineapple which has wonderful burnt caramelised notes. The saffron crème fraiche is a lovely touch and there is a little BBQ style sauce on the side to give a nice tangy zest to the dish. The art of removing the prawns from their shells requires a deft elegance that I wasn’t quite born with…but I manage.


Seared Duo of Lamb with Moroccan Couscous, Sautéed Okra, Buttered Baby Carrots and Pomegranate Jus


The lamb is a classic Moroccan style dish. The wonderful rich and thick jus which covers the lamb perfectly pairs with the grainy couscous. The lamb itself is succulent and full of its rich sweet natural flavour which is reinforced by the generous sprinkling of pomegranates on top which add a lovely light sweet syrupy touch to the dish. The okra, carrots and tomatoes are wonderful sides which support the dish. A very hearty and exquisite dish to have as one sails across the Atlantic Ocean.


Chateau Lagrange (2007), 3eme Grand Cru Classe Saint-Julien, Bordeaux, France

I have the pleasure of pairing the dish with this wine from Bordeaux. The Chateau dates back to the 1600s and an interest fact on the wine list is that only 38% of the crop from the vineyards are selectively used for this wine.

The blend consists of 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 7% Petit Verdot. The wine has an excellent nose with hints of plum and cherries mingled with spots of spice notes and an alluring floral bouquet. On the plate, there is the wonderful concentration of the red fruit flavours paired with vanilla and toasted spice notes with gradual emergence of tobacco hints. The wine is supported with beautiful velvety tannins which flow into a long finish. The tannins work perfectly to infuse themselves with the lamb for a signature taste sensation.

Warm Chocolate Praline Soufflé with Chocolate Nougat Sauce and Fresh Pear


I just love soufflés and the invitation to taste a beautiful deconstructed soufflé on board was too difficult to resist. The soft fluffy batter infused with the delicate nuttiness of the silky smooth praline is a touch delight indeed. The sandy pear texture and luscious juicy strawberries dance on the palate while the velvety chocolate nougat sauce is oh so sticky and is a sensation on the tongue. A delightful dessert experience.


Selection of Chocolates


A wonderful of selection of chocolates are offered and I gladly help myself to a few.

Soon the meal service ends I spend my time watching some classic sitcoms and movies and while the time away as we continue our journey.


Afternoon Tea

Eventually as we near New York we have some afternoon tea. It’s not the classic tiered set that you would have at London’s finest hotels but it does the trick. I am full from lunch so I skip the scones.

The sandwiches are lovely.

Individual Sandwiches
Gammon Ham with English Mustard
Chicken with Truffle Coleslaw
Red Leicester with Onion Chutney
Smoked Salmon


There is something romantic about finger sandwiches which cannot be described. I just loved the rich oily smoked salmon and firm rye like bread base which proved perfect for the afternoon flight. The ham and mustard is a treat while the Red Leicester packs a little bite and there is something “Waldorf-esque” (though not quite) about chicken and walnut one.

Bakewell Tart
Pear, Chocolate and Walnut Cake
Almond Biscuit with Crème Patisserie


The pastries and cakes are a delight and a wonderful sugar boost on the stretch home.

Peppermint Tea


A refreshing cup of Peppermint tea also brightens up the afternoon.

Touch Down

The east coast of the USA shows its charm and makes a little appearance to welcome us.


The flight path illustrates our wonderful journey across the Atlantic.


I take another snap of the beautiful First Suite as I leave the aircraft…


Soon I have to leave the aircraft and wave goodbye to the beautiful crew and hello to New York!!! The concrete jungle where dreams are made (or money is lost trying to chase those dreams!!)


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