British Airways First Class (London to New York)

I farewell the beauty of Paris and head through to London in transit for my flight to New York. I eventually get to the gate and find myself on-board for the long journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Suite

British Airways always welcomes you on-board personally. The flight attendant at the door will leave their post and personally show you to your seat. It’s a nice touch. The cabin has 14 beautiful reverse herringbone seats and offers a dimly lit electro blue backlight “space-ship” feel as we make our way on-board.


The snap below is actually from a different flight from earlier this year but shows a good overview of the cabin – as I didn’t take too many snaps of the cabin on this flight. The open suites have a beautiful black leather trim with chrome finishes with a minimalistic and more practical approach. A large black lacquered dining table is stored in the side closest to the window (right under the champagne glass). The 22-inch seats with a 78-inch pitch convert into a full flat bed. The beautiful smoke tinted glass windows have electronic window shades to adjust as you desire. Each suite also has a personal 15 inch TV with audio/video on demand, three personal reading lamps and a small closet in the front of the seat (to the right of the picture).

I start with a welcome glass of Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle, Champagne.


I have this champagne every time I am on British Airways. The experience of the Champagne remains as consistent in quality as ever. Here is my tasting note from my last journey across the Atlantic with British Airways: “It’s a beautiful vibrant and sensuous drinking experience with wonderful aromas of honey, hints of almond and brioche which flow with equal strength onto the palate with some nice minerality and citrus sparkle.” 


To assist with the long journey I am provided a gorgeous set of navy pajamas with the British Airways First logo and an amenity kit from Refinery. The PJs are super comfortable. The amenity kit has a beautiful set of products to help through the flight including; a Revitalising Moisturiser, Eye Gel, Shave Gel, Lip Balm Stick, Deodorant Stick, Razor, Brush and comb, Toothbrush/Toothpaste and a pen.


Dish: Poached Lobster Tail with Roasted Tomato Marmalade Marinated Kenya Beans and Drizzled with Chive Oil

Wine: Pouilly-Fuisse Vignes Romanes, 2014, Bouchard Pere et Fils, Burgundy, France

IMG_5197.jpg IMG_5199.jpg

The richness of the lobster tail dovetails with the acidity and juiciness of the tomato puree. The beans add a lovely textural contrast for the dish and the chive oil introduces a sensory herby overlay. The acidity of the Pouily Fuisse is a great match for the tomato and lobster and makes for a well-integrated taste experience. The wine is trademark Burgundy Chardonnay with citrus and stone fruit notes on the nose and palate which are beautiful and fresh minerality which drives cleanness and purity in the finish.

I continue to watch some Tom & Jerry cartoons and I joke that I am so glad the British Airways flight attendants deliver my dinner in a more civilised manner than Tom gave Jerry his dinner.

Dish: Herb-Roasted Supreme of Corn-fed Chicken served with Potato Mousseline, Edamame, Prosciutto Crumb and Finished with a Rosemary Jus

Wine: Pouilly-Fuisse Vignes Romanes, 2014, Bouchard Pere et Fils, Burgundy, France


The chicken is succulent and moist and makes for a solid main course. The buttery moist potato mousseline is comfort food at its best and the dish is quite well constructed; there is the mineraly salt of the gravel like prosciutto crumb and the herbed richness of the rosemary jus which combine very well with the chicken for hearty taste experience. I stuck with the Pouilly-Fuisse due to my enjoyment of the wine, however, I feel the Rex Hill Pinot Noir from Oregon might have been a better match for the dish. Alas you can’t win them all.

Dish: Cheese Plate with accompaniments

Wine: Chateau Grand-Puy Ducasse, 2008, 5eme Grand Cru Class, Pauillac, Bordeaux, France


The cheese I select is the Wensleydale Blue. It’s crumbly, rich with moist texture and the strong bite of acidity. The attendant actually gives a full platter of biscuits and the like on the side to refill my plate as I wish. The beautiful fruit and nut biscotti are the perfect base for the cheese.

I choose a nice full bodied Bordeaux red (60% Cabernet / 40% Merlot). The wine’s wonderful blackberry and cassis aromas carry through on the palate with hints of licorice, espresso and some new tobacco streaks to balance the fruit and acidity. The tannins which are coming along (suggest a few years in the cellar is still required) and is a good match for the richness of the Wensleydale.

The Bed

I am so tired and it has been a long day. In fact I realise that I had breakfast in Paris, lunch in London and then dinner somewhere in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean – it’s been quite a day. I reflect on the day and the journey ahead…air travel is such a beautiful experience. I ask the crew to set-up the bed and eventually fall sleep in the comfort of the duvet as the plane gently glides across the skies above the Atlantic.




Just before landing, we are offered refreshments – which more or less the afternoon tea menu which I have had previously on a day time flight. I opt for just the sandwiches and some tea which is the perfect tonic prior to landing. The sandwiches are; chunky egg, tandoori chicken, cheddar cheese with onion chutney and Loch Fyne smoked Salmon. I must say my favourite was the smoked salmon on rye which made for a lovely taste experience with the flourishing oils of the salmon and the crumbly rye. The other sandwiches were quite standard.

Soon we land in JFK airport and so the journey ends for now. I will be in New York for a few days before jetting off to Los Angeles.

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