Zürich (Dante Bar and Jules Verne Panoramabar)

So I jet into Zürich from Milan (you can read my posts on Milan here) and the view from the jet as it sails over the lovely snow capped mountains is just simply amazing!


So I am staying Lucerne, which is about an hour out of Zürich, but I feel that I really must experience the wonderful city of Zürich. I have a friend who is from Denmark who lives here now (unfortunately she’s out-of-town this weekend). She suggests a couple of places which I try out when I head into Zürich town.

Dantes Bar 

Dantes Bar is a gin bar in the old red light district of Zürich, although you couldn’t really tell what it used to be when you visit it. It is fashionable, trendy and chilled with the streets filled with super cool peeps. I get to the bar and well, it’s not a really the hipster joint as you would assume in Australia. The girls are dressed to the nines with “look at moi” style and the gents aren’t wearing anything too outlandish and no-one is trying to make a unique fashion statement.

The place is absolutely packed, but I manage to wonder up to the bar where a lovely waitress prepares the following cocktails for me.

Badman & Robyn (House Special) – Tanqueray London Dry, Sherry Dry Sack, Roses Lime Juice, Fee Brothers Orange Bitters & Red Rock Ginger Ale. It’s a mix of the dryness and longness from the sherry, with the citrus bite of the bitters and lime with the refreshing spicy botanicals of the gin rounded out with the smooth mildness (but with the ginger bite) of the ale. All round a truly refreshing drink.

The second cocktail I have is the Jasmin Sour – Ocucaje Italia Pisco, Jasmine Infusion, Fresh Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup, Fresh Peppermint. The drink is particularly bitter with strong bite in the finish with the Pisco and lime dominating the subtle floral notes of the Jasmine and Peppermint. Its lovely but I do prefer the first drink.


Now, Dantes  have the coolest cocktail napkins! Instead of being blank, the napkins provide a lovely template for you to ask out any girl at the bar! Which is rather suitable given how crowded it gets and the accompanying noise level. I filled one in below and well let’s put this way, I haven’t got any email responses yet… I guess I need to keep’on waiting!


I leave Dantes, having thoroughly enjoyed my stay and catch my train back to Lucerne for the night. I get home after 1am but it was a fun night out in Zürich!

Jules Verne Panoramabar

The second place my friend recommended was the bar in the observatory – the Jules Verne bar. It’s a beautiful bar with panoramic views across the Old Town of Zürich. I manage to make it there on my final day in Switzerland on my way to the airport.

I walk in and this is the stunning view which I enjoy. I am simply taken aback by the beauty of this city. There is a sense of calm as the beautiful snow-capped mountains, the lush greens of  Switzerland, the beautiful lake and the old roof-top houses combine to deliver an outstanding view.



I decide to order an Apertif – the Martinez (Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, Carpano Antica Formula, Luxardo Maraschino, Angostura Bitter). The drink is not particularly an easy afternoon drink (like an Aperol Spritz), it has strength and force of the Antica and the bitters which is balanced by the fruit and sweet intensity of the Maraschino liqueur and the botanticals of the gin. It does jolt me out of my tired state and keeps my taste buds open to the afternoon snack.


I also order some “Titbits” (yes that what its called on the menu).


These include:

Top Plate
Prawn Tart – Beautiful succulent shrimp with a seafood cocktail sauce on a crumbly tart
Beef Tartare Tart – Soft jelly like beef tartare in the same crumbly tart with a light gooey (presumably egg) mixture to hold it together and a pickle on top to add some tang to the dish
Smoked Salmon Tart – Creamy and rich oily smoked salmon with capers in a tartlet cup – very classic with a good mix of textures from the salmon and tartlet cup


Second Plate
Eggplant Caviar and Feta Tart – Soft rich gooey eggplant puts a strong foot forward with a Mediterranean tangy flavour and the feta provides some creamy balance to mellow the eggplant.
Mushroom Ragout Tart – The soft creamy mushrooms (much like a cream of mushroom soup but thicker and larger slices of mushrooms) within the tartlet cup


Third Plate:
Spicy Spring Rolls – These are crunchy Spring Rolls with vegetables and a spice filling


I finish the afternoon in Zürich, having throughly enjoyed my brief visit to the city and gaze at this beautiful lake before heading-off to the airport.



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