Vision Builders Dinner 2014 – Royal Hall of Industries

So here I am at one of Australia’s largest sit-down dinners where ~1,600 people will gather for a great cause, celebrations and to socialise with some amazing people. The table settings are so exquisite and lovely. The lighting and decorations are reflective of splendour and amazing taste. The sheer size of the event leaves me breathless. The events team that pulled this together is extremely talented!




As part of the entrée there are food stations around the hall for guests to enjoy and to socialise prior to the dinner.

The Antipasto Table
The Antipasto table is stunning with a full array of gourmet food. There are beautiful cheeses, terrines, prosciutto, gourmet bread, olives, shaved leg ham and other Mediterranean bites which adorn the long table at the centre of the Royal Hall of Industries.

The Main Antipasto TableIMG_20140620_181855

The Bread… simplicity and class IMG_20140620_181225

The Cheese & Olives IMG_20140620_181230




The Leg Ham and Terrine IMG_20140620_181646


The Prosciutto IMG_20140620_181715



The Hot Food

At the back there is also some hot food, which includes arancini balls, prawn balls and mini pizza rolls which are simply delicious. I won’t go into detail on all the dishes, but I must give a a special shout-out to the mushroom gnocchi which is divine. The mushrooms and gnocchi are cooked large pan. The mushrooms are roasted to provide a smoky flavour to the dish, while the pan cooks the outer part of the gnocchi to provide a crisp shell to the moist creamy inside of the gnocchi. Its an array of textures and flavours… plus there is some sharp, tart cheddar slices on the table which (when sprinkled on top) provides some added decadence to the dish.

Mushrooms and Gnocchi IMG_20140620_181517

Mushrooms and Gnocchi (Pan View) IMG_20140620_181536

The Parmesan (for the Gnocchi) IMG_20140620_181542

Mushrooms and Gnocchi and Tomato Bruschetta and Artichoke BruschettaIMG_20140620_181509

The Arancini IMG_20140620_181601

Mini Pizza Rolls IMG_20140620_181613

The Main Course 

I have the chicken roasted with some herbs on a lovely bed of sweet potato with a smooth gravy sauce. The tender succulent chicken meat is simply amazing, there is the fragrant aroma of the herbs that hit you ask you slice it open, while the soft sweet potato adds a lovely base to the dish.

Roast Chicken IMG_20140620_200411

The menu is alternative drop, so the person sitting next to me enjoys a steak with what looks like a lovely potato gratin and some soft spinach.



Then its onto dessert. The chocolate mousse base fires on all cylinders with the creamy cocoa decadence shining through, while the biscuit crumbs on the base are lovely as is sticky caramel fruit syrup which provides a nice kick to the dish. The light meringue on top adds a lovely sweet crunch to the dish to pair with the soft chocolate mousse and add some texture.



Post Event Drinks
No event is complete with our kicking on for post function drinks. This time its a lovely Spanish Wine Bar in the City – Tapavino (I have reviewed before… check it out here). The wine tonight is the 2007 Calzadilla ‘Classico’ Vino de Pago, which has hints of tobacco, liquorice and vanilla and deploys long lasting full fruit flavours from the first taste. Its well rounded and has good acidity. The perfect way to end the night!



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