The best of steaks


Now one of my favourite meals would have to be a beautiful beef fillet / steak with a glass of amazing red wine (of course). When it comes to steak, quality produce is king! So go for the best!

However the way its cooked can mean the difference between a culinary nightmare and the sensation of tender melt in your mouth pieces of juicy meat, with the right textures and flavours! It can make all the difference to your day.

If you’re feeling like a good steak… what’s out there, what’s enjoyable, are all steaks/beef the same (wash your mouth now!), I want to try something different but don’t know where to go? They are all good questions to ask.

Here are some tips from my dining experiences that will hopefully broaden your horizons when thinking of the humble steak.

The List

If you like your steak really well done – you can’t go wrong with a minute steak. They don’t require much care and really anyone can cook them. The best I have had is in a lovely Airport Lounge in Sydney (below):

Minute Steak (Qantas First Lounge Sydney Airport)


Now Teppanyaki steaks aren’t as pure as some beef lovers would like… I think its the overpowering sauces and flavours left behind on the teppan grill that really interferes with the meat! However this beautiful Wagyu 6+ steak was quite amazing. The light soy and sesame flavours and waft of the Teppanyaki grill actually made it quite a culinary experience.

Teppanyaki Wagyu (Kobe Jones – Sydney) 


My lament at the rise of the gastro pubs is how they have commoditised good beef fillets and steaks. I always favour creativity, innovation and well executed dishes. Can you really be innovative with the humble steak? Here’s an interesting one….

Rangers valley wagyu with tempura tongue and Gyoza on a bed of edamame (The Owl House – Sydney

Rangers valley wagyu with tempura tongue and Gyoza

It doesn’t have to be a plain meat, flame, plate go. Steak also lends itself to fusion! A under the radar chef who does some amazing French / Japanese cuisine in Sydney has does a beautiful fillet of beef with a lovely sauce from the steak juices mixed with honey and balsamic.

Fillet beef with potato Rosti (Restaurant 16 – Sydney) 


So what if you’re at a fish place! You know the ones that specialise in seafood, live lobsters in tanks, vegequarians, cool hip hampton style peeps munching into beautiful calamari! Can you break with the crowd and order the beef dish?

Of course, in fact some seafood restaurants have amazing beef dishes – here is a Wagyu Sirloin from a well known seafood restaurant. So please venture out – remember nothing ventured nothing gained.

Wagyu Sirloin (Flying Fish – Sydney)

Wagyu Sirloin

Grass fed or Grain Fed now that’s the debate. I love grass fed, always go for it if its on the menu. But I occasionally do take a good quality well looked after grain fed beef fillet… Rockpool really knows how to choose them and do them (and ensure they are treated humanely)!

Rangers Valley Dry Aged 300 Day Grain Fed Fillet  (Rockpool Bar & Grill – Perth)

Rangers Valley Dry Aged 300 Day Grain Fed Fillet

On the bone rib eye offers some of the best in terms of flavour, texture and taste. If you do it at home remember to rest the steak before you cut it or else you will lose all the juices and have wasted your hard earned dough. Here is an amazing NYC steak adventure I tried a few years ago.

Rib Eye on the bone (Beauty and Essex – New York)

Rib Eye

On the topic of rib eye, they are great for sharing. Bistro Felix does an amazing one to share!

Roasted rib-eye, triple cooked pomme Pont Neuf, confit onion and tomato, mustard aioli (Bistro Felix – Sydney)


Oh yes the tourist steak! Love New York, but what do you do when you’re roaming around an art gallery and feel tired and need some sustenance! Well the answer is head to Modern, which is a bar in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and have a lovely beef tenderloin.

Black Angus Beef Tenderloin with Munster Gratin and Onion Confit and Cumin Juice (MOMA – New York) 

Black Angus Beef Tenderloin with Munster Gratin and Onion Confit and Cumin Juice

The Raw Deal! When you have a soft jelly like steak tartare you’re in heaven! Now where’s the best. I reckon Bistro Felix in Sydney or Bistro Beaumarchais (used to be Bagatelle) in New York does some of the best.

Steak Tartare (Bistro Beaumarchais – New York) 

Steak Tartare with Egg Yolk

If you’re stuck in Australia, Bistro Felix or Machiavelli actually does an amazing steak tartare.

Steak Tartare (Bistro Felix – Sydney)


If you are on a budget and want the cheapest cuts – that’s okay. Just make sure they are treated with great care. I would go to a good steakhouse as they typically apply the level of care required to turn a budget cut into a culinary accomplishment. The Chophouse which is an excellent steakhouse in Sydney does some good work on the cheaper cuts…

Wagyu Flank (Chophouse – Sydney) 


Now you’re travelling at 30,000 ft, there are no restaurants in sight! You really want a good steak! What do you do? Well fly Qantas to London and you shall have one. The Rockpool inspired menu has this delicious baby onboard… enjoy! Some of the best food is plane food!

Rockpool Bar & Grill Style Beef Fillet on a bed of Snow Peas – (Qantas A380 – London to Sydney



  1. Best steak I have ever had was a Burn’s Steak House in Tampa, Florida. I think that Burn’s was the first American steak house to get a Michellin Star… Though Tampa isn’t a mecca of anything, if you find yourself there…

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