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Its a lovely afternoon and a group of the coolest guys and gals converge on the Argyle for a relaxing unwind to a difficult week. The wine flows, the cocktails pour and there are tequila shots later on! The Argyle has a new dumpling menu which I am tempted to do a quick review on, so here it is.


Then there are the Peking Duck pancakes – now very similar to the other Peking Ducks I have had – so won’t go into the intricacies of the dish again (Check out Valentines Day party and Fu Manchu for the full reviews of Peking Duck dishes). I will say the only difference is they have this soft bun which is not dissimilar to the Momofuku pork roll bun. It’s a beautiful dish.

IMG_20140321_192334 IMG_20140321_192408

The Mud Crab dumplings are divine – the flaky crab meat on top just does it for me! The dumpling itself was juicy and full of crunchy vegetables and wide array of flavours.


The spicy prawn gyoza misses the mark. The spices really overpower the dumplings. The ginger, chilli and tamarind go to work on the tongue leaving the soft succulent prawns fighting to play a meaningful role in the dish. The saving grace is the beautiful peanuts provide some nice texture.



The Pepper Wagyu Beef gyoza are lovely. The soft sticky dumpling cases filled with juicy sichuan flavoured wagyu meat and drizzled with a light sesame soy sauce. The sauce plays a little side role and let’s the Wagyu patties shine. The pink peppercorns give the dish a real spicy kicker in the aftertaste. It’s simply amazing!


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