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So I have just finished my little jaunt across Europe (you can read about of my travels over the last month here) and am back in London for a few days before I head back to Sydney

I try to balance the good food and wine thing I do with a good does of healthy eating, although I haven’t been doing it all that well to be honest. Most health foods aren’t photogenic, so I used to avoid them, however I came across a health food and lifestyle blog (Deliciously Ella) recently which showed that you can still have good tasty food while being healthy. One of the places she recommended was Tanya’s Cafe in Chelsea.


The cafe is inside the myhotel Chelsea and the decor is pretty minimalistic with heaps of plants and a clean look as you would expect from a raw food cafe.


I order a couple dishes and an amazing milk drink for breakfast as the late flight in from Zurich did leave me a little tired.

Sweet Surrender 


The drink has hazelnut milk, cacao, agave and medicine flower extract. The richness of the cacao is impressive and has this sludgy texture, while the smooth tasting hazelnut just flows through with a velvety wrap without the lactic bite of diary milk. It’s sweet, it’s fresh and it’s oh so good. I feel awake now.

The first item I order is the:

Avo un-toast


The creamy avocado is an absolute treat, while the soft chilli flakes add some lovely spice to the experience. The onion bread, which still retains the bite and sharpness of the onion is chewy and soft. There is some guacamole to provide a spicy and tangy hit to the dish and reinforce the chilli flakes. The dish (from a texture perspective) balances the soft creamy nature of avocado with some grainy chilli and the chewy texture of the onion bread. It is a pure delight with the right mix of soft, spicy and sharp flavours.

Fruit Crepe


This dish is a dehydrated flaxseed banana crepe with yoghurt, fruit and maple syrup. The crepe is sticky, chewy and firm but with the scent and mild flavour of the banana well and truly evident. The soft juicy berries and tropical fruits inside form a little dance in your mouth, while the yoghurt is soft and mild, balancing some of the fruit intensity, while the maple syrup provides a sweet smoky overlay to the dish to wrap it up.

It was a wonderful breakfast with some interesting flavours and textures. Instead of fluffy doughy sourdough to go your avocado or fluffy pancakes/crepes, its so nice have something a little different, unique and (of course) healthy to start morning. It was certainly worth the visit.

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