Sydney / Melbourne / Perth (Qantas Business Class) – Easter 2014

So it’s been one of those weeks. Just super busy in the lead-up to Easter…. finally Travel Czar makes it through the hectic holiday travel crowd, clears security and finds himself in his home away from home… the Lounge. If you haven’t read my fond dedication to Lounging (it’s been very popular) check it out here!

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Qantas Sydney Business Lounge 

Finally I make it into the beloved Qantas Lounge in Sydney. I am welcomed in by a lovely attendant and find a seat at the Island Dining Bar. Qantas have really upped their wine selections, there are wines from Brokenwood (Pinot Noir) Seppelt (Shiraz) and Rosemount Estate (Cabernet Sauvignon). Quite a selection!


I pour myself a glass of the Brokenwood and do my whole F Scott Fitzgerald thing at the bar (sipping my wine and people watching). Pretty soon I get bored and need something to eat.  The cold cuts and pasta don’t do it for me, so I settle for the dish of the day (something that’s specially pulled together on request) – today it is a seasonal cheese plate.

Cheese Plate 


The cheddar has this creamy strong tart taste – A perfect chalky crumbly texture! The blue cheese has a real richness to it while the little salt and tart of the blue mould rounds out the experience. The Camembert is coated has rich creamy oily centre while the texture of the mould coating is just lovely. It’s paired with the crispy lavosh crackers and some fruit paste to complete the experience. The afternoon is off to good start.

Chicken Wings


Next I move onto the beautiful chicken wings. The tender succulent chicken is mixed with sticky sweet marinade to provide the perfect array of flavours. They are incredibly difficult to eat in a dignified way but they are just amazingly tasty.

Looking for a view with a difference, I move away from the Island Bar and find a sofa next to the tarmac. I opt for a liquid snack before the flight.

Tomato and Edamame Soup 


The light tangy heavy tomato flavour is balanced by the lovely smooth Edamme – a lovely pre-flight dish.

Then my boarding call is announced and I am off on my flight to Melbourne (I am actually meant to be heading to Perth – but I fly via Melbourne to maximise my time in the sky)!

Sydney to Melbourne 

Qantas always treat me oh so well, I have a spare seat next to me. I gaze across the aisle and notice the former Chairman of Telstra reclining perusing the local newspaper. He seems in good spirits. I decide to skip the meal service as I decide to eat on my next flight. The flight is short, I take a nap to forget about my week and pretty soon we are commencing our descent. The flight attendant wishes me a safe onward journey to Perth.

Melbourne Business Lounge 

I race off towards the lounge… I walk through the beautiful glass doors of the business lounge and pour myself a loverly glass of wine and cast an idyllic gaze across the tarmac with the beautiful Qantas planes at the terminal. It’s such a delight. Then the boarding call chimes through the lounge and I am away on my next leg to Perth.


Melbourne / Perth 

I am shown to my seat and again have a spare seat next to me! Win. I plug in the inflight entertainment and go through random movies and some cool tunes. The food service starts and there are these lovely small plates to kick things off. I opt for the Wagyu Bresaola.

Wagyu Bresaola with Horseradish Aioli, Artichoke and Rocket


The dish is a treat. The oil from the marbling in the wagyu and the inherent saltiness of the Bresaola makes for rich tasting experience and it is perfectly paired with the creamy aioli and tartness of the artichoke.

For the main plate I opt for the fish course!

Pan Fried Snapper with Saffron and Preserved Lemon Butter, Braise Chickpeas, Eggplant 


The snapper itself is amazing, the flesh just falls apart with the pressing of the fork and it is so soft and succulent. The saffron adds a real sparkle to the fish, while the chickpeas and eggplant make a wonderful light medertain side. The Cannellini bean puree is light and doesn’t drag the dish down. It’s quiet a lovely experience.

The flight attendant who looks after me is so beautiful. I mean stunning! She has an amazing smile and beautiful brown eyes that pierce your soul. It’s a pity I am so tired I am just not in the mood to flirt – but I am captivated by her beauty. She serves me my dessert which is a simple brownie. The brownie is thick and chocolatey with an amazing crumbly texture on the outside but the rich gooey chocolate texture on the inside that holds it together.

When it comes to dessert wines, the selection on domestic flights are normally nothing to write home about. But today they have the De Bortoli Noble One (they normally serve these in First Class to London). I immediately opt for it. The Noble One normally has my complete attention! The soft honey coloured rich sticky liquid filling my glass is quite a sight…. but instead I find myself just too busy admiring my flight attendant. Finally the Noble One washes through my tongue and makes its way into my bloodstream. My senses are dulled, it completes me emotionally and I don’t care about anything else. I finally feel like I am on holidays. I nurse the Noble One til the glass is empty.

Brownie and the Noble One 


Then we commence our descent again… the plane hits the tarmac! I am back in Perth. I wave good bye to all the cabin crew (including the cute girl) wish them a happy Easter and make my way through the terminal to collect my bags. Life really was meant to be lived in an airplane!


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