Sydney Dining (2017)

I travel quite often and most of my posts are of cities from around the world rather than city of residence. Sydney is a happening city with plenty to do, beautiful beaches, a wonderful harbour and it’s perfect in the summer. However the dining scene in Sydney can be a little hit and miss.

I thought I would do a post for my fellow Sydneysiders (and for those who wish to visit) on some of the dining spots I visited during 2017. I hope it provides a useful guide as you plan your summer dining adventures in this city.

Beachside Dining

Sydney is about its beaches and if you can find an amazing spot by the beach where you’re not just paying for the view but have some quality produce to pair then its a keeper.

North Bondi Fish

My favourite spot in Sydney has to be North Bondi Fish!!! It is such an amazing spot… fresh seafood, beautiful carafes of chilled wines and a view to match. I love being on the terrace, letting the afternoon drift by and enjoying some amazing dishes. It was my choice spot for my birthday celebrations this year.


Bather’s Pavilion

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of dinner at Bather’s Pavilion. I had the tasting menu with matched wines. It’s an incredible array of fine food and some pretty decent wine pairings against a leisurely beachside backdrop.


Papi Chulo

If you’re in Manly, one of my favourite spots which I have trekked to a couple of times this year is Papi Chulo. It’s the best for casual dining; deep smoke American BBQ and lovely wines with a view of Manly Wharf.


The Pantry

There is much by way of “on the beach” dining in Sydney except for the Pantry.  This gem is also in Manly! It’s got beautiful casual dining fare, good wine list and a view to match. Let the sea breeze stroke your hair and enjoy the view.


Local Favourites 

These are some hip spots I’ve been to this year which are based in the inner city. It’s pretty easy to get there and they work well on both weeknights and weekends. They form a good base of go-to dining spots which I frequent and they always hit the spot.

Fratelli Paradiso

Rustic Italian food, excellent selection Italian wines, chilled setting, fun vibe and charming waiters… if that’s your thing then Fratelli Paradiso is the spot to go. I have been here a few times this year and it never disappoints.



Cho Cho San

If you’re into fusion Japanese; Ocean Trout, Crab Omelette, charcoal chicken skewers and the most lovely green tea soft serve cones… lunch / dinner here is always a treat and I just loved sipping on their creative cocktails too!




If  you’re in the mood for vegetarian / vegan cuisine that’s still tasty, then I recommend Yulli’s. I have been there for lunch and they do the most amazing  edamame and coconut moneybags and their leek and ginger dumplings are also stand out.


Apollo Dining

There’s a lot to like about Mediterranean cuisine and few other places in Sydney do it better than Apollo. Go for the Full Greek Menu – a set menu with everything from olives, taramasalata dip, lamb, fried cheese in honey and a signature dessert.


IMG_6382 (1)

Fei Jai 

Fun oriental fare with generous servings of wine…. Yes Please!! The menu is pretty diverse from the fluffy spanner crab egg white omelette to the more hard hitting spice of the Kung Pao chicken.


Bistro Rex

This is a lovely french bistro that does wines by the carafe, traditional french style steaks, frites with a real happening vibe! Definitely a lovely spot for a leisurely lunch or Sunday dinner.


LL Wine & Dining

This is one of my go to spots on Sunday. I do visit this place heaps… they do an “All You Can Eat” Yum Cha on Sundays. It’s chilled, plates are brought to you, you don’t have to do anything…. just eat.  You can definitely skip dinner! For slurping there are beautiful Bloody Marys, Tsingtoa and a decent wine list to choose from.



First of all there has been a recent trend to move away from long alcohol fueled nights to more civilized brunches. The key benefits of a brunch are (a) the lighting which makes for excellent instagramming (b) you feel better the next day (c) once you’re done you have the whole day ahead!

Celsius Coffee Co

My favourite brunch spot would have to be Celsius, they are situated right on the harbour and do the most amazing  (and photogenic) waffles plus a good selection of teas, coffee and juices to match.

Waffles and Juices


Devon Cafe 

Devon Cafe was another favourite of mine. They have two locations (Surry Hills & Barangaroo). I had their amazing Eggs Blini: buckwheat blini, citrus cured king salmon , poached eggs, salmon caviar, broccolini with maltaise sauce. It’s a hit!


Porch and Parlour

Porch and Parlour is a real keeper if you’re in Bondi and into green things. They do an amazing breaky bowl and their green pea pancakes are a delight. I know what I said about the whole avoiding an alcohol fueled day…. but I had a Bloody Mary to go with it.


Cuckoo Callay 

If you’re into rustic good quality brunching then this is your spot. Eggs done any style, avo on toast, sweet options (muesli, stylish yoghurt etc.), matcha lattes – this place has an option for everyone!


Trio Cafe (Bondi) 

Here is a rustic little cafe in Bondi. It’s pretty popular so you’d better book or expect a wait at peak times. They do everything here; pancakes, french toast, eggs shakshouka , corn fritters. The breakfast tasting platter for two is the way to go where you get a little of everything.


Concrete Jungle

One of the newest hip brunch spot in Sydney is Concrete Jungle. I went there for a late brunch one Sunday. They do amazing hotcakes but if you’re in the mood for something a little healthy their Blue Magic smoothie bowls are delish too!


Le Monde

If hotcakes and matcha are your thing then Le Monde in Surry Hills is another gem for you to try. I had a lovely matcha hotcake which was a bit too doughy but definitely had a healthy dose of matcha to make it a little more healthier.


Local Mbassy

Finally there’s Local MBassy. Now this is a spot for those with a sweet tooth…. if you’re into a sugar hit then go for the red velvet pancakes. Their lattes are super sweet too, so I’d opt for a espresso next time. I am not a sweet hit person so it wasn’t my thing, but the place is very instagrammable as you can see!



Business Lunches

Morrison Oyster Bar

The ideal spot for a long lunch and it’s got a diverse menu for everyone; from burgers, steaks and pasta. The wine list has some good value gems too!



Harbour Views

In Sydney we have the most amazing harbour and unfortunately few restaurants really give amazing views of the whole vista. I have been to Quay and Aria which have partial views and even Sails which does have a good glimpse does not quite give you the full breadth of the harbour.

Aqua Dining

Stunning vistas, beautiful wine, a menu which offers a quick dining option for those with little time and a more extensive menu for the grazers and lunch masters out there this place caters for everything.  The views are unbelievable and food is simply delightful. The perfect way to unwind for a Friday lunch or weekend dinner.


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There you have it! A list of where I’ve dined in Sydney this year. Happy dining adventures for the summer.

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