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I settle at the Sushi Bar for a lovely dinner. I love this place and have traditionally dined at Hemmesphere (the cocktail lounge which is connected to the restaurant), however today I have decided to dine at the Sushi Bar instead. It is a great way to see the food being prepared and a much more social setting being surrounded by fellow diners and interacting with the staff.

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I peruse the wine menu and my heart sets its self on a rather inviting Chablis which would be oh so perfect with the seafood dishes at Sushi-e.

The Wine

Domaine Grossot, Chablis, (2014), Burgundy, France


The wine is a gem. It has wonderful perfumed floral aromas with light waft of salinity and mild citrus notes on the initial pour. The waitress is so cool and charming which adds to the sense of allure of the wine pouring… which is captured perfectly in the photo above. The sound of the wine flowing into the glass gives a tingle down ones spine. On the palate there is a beautiful fresh burst of minerality which leads the way with some polished apple flavours which dominate the tasting. The wine is rich and provides beautiful buttery finish which leaves one simply breathless.


I order a range dishes to taste over the course of the evening…

Salmon Tartare

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The Salmon Tartare is a dish which just ticks the aesthetics box oh so well. I am somewhat enchanted by ts beauty. The burst of the rich saline flavours of the roe, the oily rich salmon meat of the tartare and the textural contrast of the crisps which they are scooped onto before consumption is a beautiful experience indeed. The creaminess of the mayo holds the salmon together, while the wasabi and ponzu dressing gives a nice bite and work well to extenuate the natural flavours of the Salmon. A beautiful dish indeed.

Sushi – Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab) and Dynamite Roll (Spicy Tuna)

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I’ll start with the Spider Roll. The crunch of the tempura batter which encases the softshell crab is a lovely introduction to the sushi. The crispy skin and the soft flakey flesh of the crab is a real treat. There is sufficient flavour from the jalapeño mayo and some lovely rich flavours from the tobiko to complement the crab. It is also nicely encased in sushi rice which has touch of vinegar for extra flavour.

The dynamite roll on the other hand packs some punch. The tuna, which is marinated in 7 peppers, hits the tongue with some intensity. The sweet onion and mayo cool the flavours and offer some little respite from the spice, while the richness of the tobiko provides a lovely signature finish to the roll.

Miso Cod


The cod is beautiful. It is succulent and has wonderful natural flavours. The fall apart buttery meat is calmed by the lovely supple flavours of the miso for a very simple and elegant dining experience.

Balmain Bug San Choy Bow


The crunch of the batter surrounding the Balmain Bug is the first avenue of taste followed by the beautiful succulent Balmain bug itself and the tangy dressing provides a wonderful flavour overlay. The rich saline touch of the roe and the crunch of the vegetables and lettuce round out the experience nicely. This dish is a contrast of flavours, temperatures and textures with the true star being that beautiful Balmain bug.

Russian Cream


A simple complimentary dessert to finish. The soft rich cream is paired with a beautiful berry puree which provides a lovely sugar hit to round out the evening.

I loved the dining experience and as usual Sushi-e proves to hip dining experience of wonderful Japanese fusion cuisine. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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