Spring Restaurant (Brisbane)

So I find myself in the beautiful state of Queensland yet again and I have been chatting to a friend about places to visit. She recommends Spring, which is close to her workplace and is meant be pretty hip place. I promptly make a booking on the day I jet in and have a relaxing dinner with a bit of style.


The setting is simplistic and modern with a touch of charm to match. Perfect for a weekday dinner.

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For starters I select a lovely glass of champagne to ease into the evening’s proceedings…

Louis Roederer Brut Premier


The Champagne proves to be a refreshing and vibrant drink with creamy texture with wonderful flavours of lemon and stone fruits and a hint of “toast” notes in the finish. It proves to be a flourishing drink with sufficient flair to lighten ones evening.

The champagne is also the perfect choice to pair with the next course…

Hervey Bay Scallops, Parsnip Puree and Crispy Pancetta


The scallops are wonderfully succulent and contrast well with the soft mild parsnip puree which dresses them and the salt of the pancetta provides that flavour spark in the finish. The lemon in the champagne provides a lovely bite to round out the flavours in this dish. It was well paired and balanced indeed if I may say so myself.


Main Course

Jim Barry – The Cover Drive, Cabernet Sauvignon, Clare Valley (2013)


I opt for a standard red to pair with the following dish… The wine has a lovely peppery and plum aromas on the nose, while on the palate the plum, blackberries and blackcurrant flavours dazzle with each sip. There are hints of mocha and mint notes (ever so slight mind you given its age) in the finish with a beautiful bout of acidity to keep the fruit intensity in check and ripe tannins for the lovely mouthfeel in the finish.

28 Day Aged Tasmanian Ribeye Steak, Cafe De Paris Butter, Peas, Parisian Mashed Potato


I love Tasmanian beef and this dish is no exception. It is quite well presented for what would normally on description be a “pub food” style dish. The mash is buttery soft and silky, while the beef has a robust flavour and its own little texture contrast of the crispy charcoal outer portion and tender juicy succulent middle which is a keeper of all the flavour. The butter sauce mingles in harmony with the beef jus and the peas add a lovely colour contrast while also proving equally comforting on the palate.


Broccolini with Chilli and Olive Oil 


A wonderful side with good crunch and the sizzle of the chilli to match.


Salted Chocolate Tart & Peanut Butter Ice cream


The dessert is a beautiful mix of flavours and textures… just think of the smooth creamy chocolate marching hand in hand with its crumbly cakey base mixed with a hint of dashing saline minerality and then the smoothness of the ice cream and a gravelly peanut like base which proves all too ravishing. The dessert is the perfect signature on a wonderful dinner.


So I finish another lovely dinner in Brisbane and the walk back to the hotel reminds me of why Brisbane is such a beautiful city.


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