San Sebastián Tapas Bars

You’ve probably read my posts of the fine dining scene in San Sebastián, including the Michelin Star restaurants which adorn this beautiful part of the world. However some of the most appealing dining experiences you will have in San Sebastián are the lovely tapas bars across the town. It’s a dreamy experience and it costs a fraction of the price of dining the the Michelin Star establishments.


At around midday, I make my way to the old town of San Sebastian and walk through some bars, sipping wines (which are as low as €3 a glass) and nibble on a range of delicious pintxos (thats the word for tapa’s in Basque).


The pintxos range from cured meats or marinated seafood on crusty bread, fresh crustaceans in their shell, mini sandwiches and even some small plates of steaks or fish. I won’t go through all dishes, but I have uploaded some of my favourite photos of the experiences, including a lovely video of the pintxos selection across many bars.

If you’re in San Sebastián, then my advice would be to head over to Bar Sport (Calle Fermin Calbeton) and start there. Their selection is amazing and the bar is next to all the other amazing tapas bars. Once you’ve finished having a few bites there, walk through the beautiful stone streets and visit the other bars and try their selection.



Here is a little video of a few of the tapas bars in the old town. It gives you a good sense of the spread of food and variety offered.

The background music is from ‘Jubel’ by Klingande. I do not own any rights to the song.

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