Rockpool Bar & Grill (Perth)

So its my birthday and I am in Perth for a lovely dinner with my parents at Rockpool Bar & Grill to celebrate the occasion. The dining room is dimly light and the we take our seats with anticipation for the night ahead.

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We start with the a selection of entrees to share.

Entrée Spread

Tuna Tartare with Moroccan Eggplant and Cumin Mayonnaise


This was by far my favourite dish of the evening. The rich smoky Mediterranean flavours of the eggplant, the spice of cumin mayonnaise which complemented the rich oily tuna tartare perfectly. The tuna’s natural flavours were on full display and effortlessly impressed the palate.

Charcoal Roast Squid, Smoky Chilli, Onion & Pork Belly


The smoky charred squid and the rich oily pork belly intermingle effortless to form a lovely BBQ style entrée. The depth of the onions and oils made this the perfect warm comfort dish for a cold winter day.

Traditional Garlic Prawns


The succulent prawns imbued with the pungent strength of the garlic glide on the tongue with a buttery flow to enliven the tastebuds. The cast iron pot proved the perfect vessel for cooking the prawns and added a nice style as a serving apparatus.

The Wine

For the wine I choose a very special bottle, Chateau Bel Air Lagrave (1985), Bordeaux, France. Cellared for 31 years it is with pure anticipation that I wait for the wine to exit the bottle with a slow pour into the decanter. The sommelier carefully decants the wine and prepares it for drinking.

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The wine exudes elegance and the anticipation does build as it is poured into the glass. The wine has beautiful aromas of blueberries, mint, tobacco and earthy notes. It surprisingly maintains good flavours of fruit on the palate with a mild taste of cherries and blueberries, however it is clear that the dominance of herbs, camphor and tobacco with a good bit of earth has taken over and makes for a polished library style drinking experience. There are some fine tannins which have been blunted with age. A very enjoyable wine which I sense won’t cellar too much longer. A treat indeed for this special occasion.

I do take the bottle home for a little souvenir – it looks very elegant indeed.


Main Course

Cape Grim Dry Aged 36 Month Old Grass Fed Beef Fillet 


The beautiful rich juicy steak is full of flavour and is combined with the pure minerality of the salt sprinkled on top. There is an amazing textural contrast of the charred outer portion of the steak with the juicy pink middle section is a pure treat. A good example of good natural flavours being drawn out with simple culinary execution.

My Dad chooses the Mount Barker Chicken cooked rotisserie style.

Mount Barker Free Range Chicken with Celeriac and Apple Puree, Turnips, Sage and Croutons


My mum opts for the lamb which looks delicious.

Wood Fired Grilled Lamb David Hohnen’s Arkady Lamb Loin Chops and Cutlets with Mint Jelly



Sauteed Brussel Sprouts


The brussel sprouts have a wonderful charred crunch with a golden buttery glow with the sprinkling of chestnuts through the dish for a hearty feel.

Baby Carrots with Bourbon and Almond


The soft charred carrots carry the sweetness of the bourbon and the lovely crunch of the almonds. They prove to be an experience of tastes and textures.

Mushy Peas with Slow Cooked Egg


The mushy peas are rich and buttery with a lovely texture and the “mixed through” gooey runny egg is just oh so good.


We are full but the restaurant has provided a birthday cake in the form of the Devil’s Chocolate Cupcake. I make a wish and finish with the moist, rich, chocolate flavoured cake – the perfect end to the evening.

The Birthday Cake


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