Zug & Lunch at Ristorante Anacapri


So here I am in the beautiful town of Zug in Switzerland. I have an special love for it – the town has a secretive James Bond-style thing going; it houses tax exiles, large commodity trading companies and is very welcoming to industry and finance. It’s similar to Lucerne in-terms of scenery; the snow-capped mountains, an expansive lake of crystal clear waters, the lush vegetation of the Swiss countryside and beautiful houses (like cottages) lined up on the shore. There is a sense of charm and grandeur about this town, while Lucerne is a bit more like a fairytale.

I won’t try to describe the scenery, I will let the pictures do the talking. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Ristorante Anacapri

I am tired of a full day of walking, so I need some lunch but I don’t want to leave the views of the lake. So I go for a compromise and have lunch at a restaurant with some pretty stunning views – an Italian restaurant, the Ristorante Anacapri

The view from my table is a classic

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES The restaurant has an understated charm about itself and the staff are superfriendly.


Wine – Terre di San Leonardo, Vigneti della Dolomiti IGT (2011)

The wine comes from a vineyard founded in 1724 in Vallagarina in Trentino-Alto Adige which actually has a very interesting history around Italian nobility and the monks which set-up the vineyard. In terms of the wine, it is a Cabernet Sauvignon blend (with Carménère and Merlot). The delightful aromas of plums and herbs arrive on the first pour. On the palate the wine is quite dry and soft with the loss of some of the fruit intensity and a little earthiness, through age, creeping in. The wine is very well-balanced. I drink it with ease as I admire the view of the lake.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Entrée – Saffron Risotto with Prawns, Peas and Basil  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES A very simple Italian dish that has wonderful succulent prawns, with little firm peas and a lovely herby touch of the basil in a risotto which is creamy and rich. It’s a nicely done dish which is a lovely start to the afternoon. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Main Course – Grilled Beef Fillet on Mediterranean Sauce With Parmesan Risotto and Ratatouille SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The beef is beautifully done. There is mix of heaviness of the beef relative to lightness of the Mediterranean ingredients which surround it. The beef has smoky charred surface which contrasts to its wonderful juicy centre. It is done to perfection. The sauce is light and doesn’t really compete with the beef, both flavours move in parallel. The parmesan risotto steps into interfere with the lightness of the Mediterranean sauce and the Ratatouille. I don’t finish all the risotto as it’s a little to heavy, but nonetheless its a lovely dish which pairs beautifully with the wine as continue my gaze at the wonderful lake surrounding Zug.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Coffee I am full from a lovely meal, so I opt for a light coffee to round out the afternoon. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES The view from the back of the restaurant is stunning and just an absolute charm! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


  1. What a stunning view! By the way, sorry for a silly question – which country is this? Or, if the country is really huge, which part of the country? I could not find the indication in the article.

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