Qantas Business Class (SYD / PER via MEL) – Easter 2015

So its that time of the year and I am heading back to Perth to see my beautiful family. Its so much fun being at the airport before the hectic holiday season!


The domestic business Lounge

The lounge is a wonderful escape from the hectic pre-holiday crowd. I settle in my chair and select a glass of the Wolf Bass Cabernet Sauvignon and am introduced to the plate of the day by the lovely staff.

Cheese Board


The cheese plate is wonderful; the rich hard cheddar and the soft creamy blue veined cheese with some sweet quince pastes add the perfect touch to the afternoon.

Cocktail Hour


Around 5pm, the cocktails and wine continue to flow and the view of the tarmac just never gets tiring. I love it. Soon the boarding call chimes and I am off to my flight to Melbourne.

Sydney to Melbourne

The view of the clouds with the tinge of redness from the setting sun is such an awe inspiring experience.


Then its a light dinner service on what is a pretty short flight!

Pork Meatballs with Risoni


The pork meatballs are succulent and combined with a rich strong tomato paste while the soft risoni is a pure delight. It’s the epitome of comfort food. The Lindt Easter Egg is just such a lovely touch to the light dinner and shows some thought.

Melbourne to Perth

The flight lands in Melbourne and I have to rush to make my connection to Perth. I get on my flight and the view of the Melbourne lights on take-off is just so beautiful. Its absolutely spectacular.


Then the dinner service commences…

Small Plate – Fennel, Orange, and Black Olive Salad with Confit Tuna


The intense flavour of the Mediterranean is on display with light refreshing mint leaves, intense sweet citrus of the orange rich olives, crunchy walnuts and the meaty tuna. It is the perfect array of textures and light flavours that take me back to my time in the South of France.

I pair it with a Mesh Riesling (2014) from Eden Valley. The waft of citrus and tropical fruit aromas with notes herbs and spice introduce this wine. On the palate an intense citrus fruit flavour dominates while a lively and refreshing acidity round out the wine.

Large Plate – Thai Beef Noodle Salad with Nahm Jim Dressing 


What I love about Qantas is the extra mile they go to for their passengers. When selecting this dish, I did so with some hesitation. They actually brought out plates of the beef for me to have a look at. I cast a discerning eye over the different dishes noting my preference for a rare beef as opposed to one that was well done. They carefully select one that’s just perfect for me.

The beef is succulent and full of flavour, the glass noodles are soft while the zucchini and tomatoes add a refreshing taste to the dish while the spice and chilli of the Nahm Jim tears through the dish with a lovely streak of flavour.

The wine is the Flametree Shiraz  from Margaret River. Its a wonderful rich wine with plenty of velvety dark fruit flavours and spicy hints in the finish with a bite of the oak. A standard full bodied WA shiraz which was perfect for the dish.



The flight lands in Perth!  The joy of the journey is always a highlight of my trip!

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