Qantas Business Class – PER to SYD (via MEL) – Easter 2015

Perth to Melbourne 

As we wait to depart, I gaze at the view of the planes on the tarmac. Its such a relaxing sight!


Once we are in the air, lunch is served and I choose the following dishes:

Small Plate – Salad of sesame seared salmon with edamame beans, wasabi cream and toasted seaweed

The soft jelly like oily middle of the salmon is beautifully integrated with the firm “fall apart” smoky seared outer part to create a dish which is heaven on the palate. The sting of the wasabi is balanced by the mildness of the edamame flavour and silky cold cream base. The sesame adds a light flavour while the seaweed (which is not particularly noticeable or strong on the dish) finally chimes in to offer a saline finish to the dish.


Large Plate – Grilled Fish of the day with potato and cauliflower gratin, steamed broccolini and herbed caper relish


The flakey succulent white fleshed fish is beautiful seared to a crispy coating on the outside. The soft potato and cauliflower mixed with the layers of cream and cheese is an equal delight. The crunch from the broccolini is a nice addition, while the caper dressing adds a tangy herby touch to the fish to round out the experience. A very satisfying dish with different flavours and textures.


View of the Clouds

I finish my meal and I am left in awe again at the view of us gliding above the clouds. I sometimes wonder why airlines bother with In Flight Entertainment when you can just gaze outside the window throughout the flight. It is so much more fun than watching an old episode of Friends or Mad Men!


Melbourne to Sydney

I land in Melbourne and have to rush to get my flight through Sydney. Finally when on board, we are served a light dinner to finish things off.

Spanish Chicken and Raspberry Friand


The Spanish chicken is quite nice with a rich tomato and herb dressing with some soft greens. The friand is my favourite on this flight, with it grainy sweet sticky almond batter and rich rush of fruit flavours which provide a lovely taste sensation. I love it!

The plane eventually hits the tarmac and my holiday is over.

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