Pollen St Social

So I am in London town, having landed from my overnight flight from New York (check out my review of the flight here) and head-off to dinner at a restaurant which has had some pretty rave reviews in the middle of Mayfair; Pollen St Social.

The staff sit me at the main table in the expansive dining room which is quite nicely set out.

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Amuse Bouche

Muffin with Crème Fraiche, Cucumber & Zucchini & Salmon on Rye & Beetroot and Berry Tartlet


The amuse bouche are lovely with the oily salmon on the firm rye, the soft moist muffin with the thick richness of the crème fraiche makes a fine pairing and the super sweetness of the tartlet filling with its crumbly texture leaves a good mouthfeel. A nice little wake-up to the taste buds.

Bread with buttermilk butter


The richness of the butter is a great pair for the bread but I do limit my intake to focus on the dining experience ahead.

Mushroom Soup


This little taster carries a rich hit of unami with deep earthy flavours and a creamy oily finish.

The Wine

Chateau Bell-Garde (2012), Bordeaux, France


I opt for a lovely half bottle of Bordeaux to tide me through the evening. The wine has good flexibility to deal with the entrée and the main hence my choice. The wine has wonderful aromas of black fruit dominated by cassis then flow onto the plate with a more rich juicy and jammy plum flavour with hints of earth and a good streak of tannins which leave a lovely mouthfeel.


Cumbrian rose Veal tartare, real oyster stout & bone marrow toast


The dish is interesting, from an aesthetics perspective it is beautiful! The rich oily bone marrow infused toast is a pure delight while the crunchy vegetables add a refreshing streak, the soft jelly-like tartare is full of its natural flavours. A very good mix of textures and flavours in this dish. The dish is presented together with a oyster stout which has a smoky, bitter deep strength flavour. The oysters are almost unnoticeable and I thought the wine paired better with the dish… but its nice to try something a little different.


Main Course

Roasted Highland venison, honey spiced beetroots, red cabbage purée & pickled apple


The sweetness of the puree and beetroot pairs exquisitely with the venison in a typical sweet vs. strong meat flavour tie-up for a game dish. The pickled apple acting as a little refreshing palate cleanser. The sausage adds a lovely contrast in terms of its soft, juiciness compared to the firm texture of the venison steak. A very nice well plated dish with the right balance of flavours and textures.



Bitter orange soufflé, dark chocolate ice-cream


The combination of the bitter orange and the dark chocolate ice cream make for a fusion of flavours to reflect a Jaffa style taste sensation. There is the texture of the soufflé with its fluffy sugary flow and the creamy, rich sensuous, frozen cocoa style shot from the ice cream. This is why I love soufflés so much!

Some sweet treats are brought out which is a nice touch…

Bakewell Tart, Chocolate Mousse and some Turkish Delight


The Turkish delight and Chocolate Mousse are okay, but I did love the bakewell tart. The moist, grainy, sweet almondy texture which just breaks apart in your mouth! It is a delight indeed.

An interesting dinner with good produce and good culinary skill on display. The staff were attentive and I there was a little atmosphere and the mood lighting meant I really should have had a special someone sitting opposite me.

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    1. For the most part I find it fine at the really high end restaurants. People do go out of the way to be of assistance and they might think you’re a solo business traveller and hope with good service you visit again. I find the places you get the worst treatment tend to be trendy new places. They are keen to fill all tables to the brim and having a solo diner on a table which could accommodate two is not ideal for them.

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